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  1. yep, merged it over and am good to go! Thanks again, guys!
  2. interesting.... I think I have an old description.ext then. Thanks guys!
  3. Hey all, I did a search and only found marginally helpful information. Does anyone know off the top of their head how to add an area to the map that is a no-build zone? Figured I'd ask before digging deep into the client/server code if somebody had figured this out already.
  4. there's a post I made on how to make changes to the banks in game programatically. Here's how it works... mostly. 1. Player logs in (client has no idea of bank balance, it is null now) 2. Player opens bank terminal at payphone (bank balance is loaded) 3. Player does something with bank (bank balance altered) 4. Player closes bank windows (bank balance is nulled again on clientside) so you need to emulate step #2 to grab their balance and then pass the right hive calls to modify their balance. an in answer to your previous question, so long as the player does not have their bank terminal open, any changes to their redis balance is instant.
  5. Having issues updating my dev server this afternoon. Players get stuck here: 22:51:57 Mission file: Epoch_Intro 22:51:57 Mission world: Altis 22:51:57 Mission directory: x\addons\a3_epoch_config\scenes\Epoch_Intro.Altis\ I'm running chernarus too... so IDK what that is about...
  6. Confirmed, seeing this as well on
  7. I... don't think so. You could try turning the screen red like the cultists do?
  8. hambeast

    setRank script

    Swash, I am so happy what I typed helped you out! I think we forget sometimes, just how hard it is to make the jump into Arma coding from other languages. But... once you get the basics, the rest will become clear.
  9. hambeast

    setRank script

    first google result: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setRank You would call this within your script block. player setRank "COLONEL" If you're asking how to implement this in your mission file... You could hardcode your group members ranks by ID in your init.sqf or anywhere else in your mission file if you liked... something like this could work... no idea if it actually does what you want though... // ranks.sqf - called from init.sqf // we could have 1 big multi-dim array containing each users ID and Rank but... // that would make this harder to adjust in the future since this is a manual // process. If you were to load this data from a DB for instance, you might // want to keep it in a multi-dimensional array like: // [["1234","PRIVATE"],["231","General"]] Ranks_PRIVATE = [ "1234567", // Me "7654321" // No trailing ,! ]; Ranks_CORPORAL = []; Ranks_SERGEANT = []; Ranks_LIEUTENANT = []; Ranks_CAPTAIN = []; Ranks_MAJOR = []; Ranks_COLONEL = []; _playerUID = player getPlayerUID; _found = false; _rank = "PRIVATE"; // default private rank // check to see if our player matches while {!_found} do { if (_playerUID in Ranks_PRIVATE) then { _rank = "PRIVATE"; _found = true; // breaks us out of this while loop }; // ... and so on }; // finally set our players rank! player setRank _rank;
  10. Sounds good to me as well. Let me know if you need any help with these classes. I'd like to be a part of this.
  11. oh man that is awesome! Glad to see you got it working
  12. Just saw this... IDK if this will be helpful for you but it seems to incorporate the distance in the parameters: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/playSound3D edit: might not even need a PVEH
  13. that... is beyond my expertise. I'm just a simple PVEH coder lol. You could try the playsound command but... I've never messed with it.
  14. just for shits and giggles, can you declare a clientside PVEH just to spit out some text? // Clientside PVEH (init this in your mission.pbo) if (!isDedicated) then { // expects [] "PVEH_PlaySoundClient" addPublicVariableEventHandler { systemChat "We got our PVEH"; }; }; try placing that in your init.sqf along with your server side one. maybe declare this one first.
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