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  1. Hi: New update: game now closes to start BattlEye update setup and it starts another instance (which joins the server where I was before), and this instance closes to start BattlEye update setup, running into a loop that never ends. Any solution for this, guys? PD: Bump. Regards.
  2. Hi, Then I guess that is BattlEye's fault, not my server's or my client's. Their Master Server is probably offline or down for maintenance, so we will have to wait until they get it back online, I guess. Offtopic: Since GameSpy closed, my server is not appearing in DayZ Commander's serverlist, and I am using the GameSpy reporting IP, which it isn't functional. Does anybody know Which reporting IP do you now have to use to appear in that serverlist or in another similar serverlist? Regards.
  3. Hi: I guess you should change another config variable. Go to AHConfig.sqf, search for "_BCM" variable (which enables/disables the blocking of all custom command menus) and change try changing its value to false. Tell me if that did the trick ;) Regards.
  4. Hi: I already tried running it with Admin permissions and it happens exactly the same. The same goes for BattlEye manual update: I've already downloaded the latest BattlEye DLL Files and the game keeps trying to update, so therefore, it closes itself to update the BattlEye. Regards.
  5. Hello there, Today is the first day I ever had this issue: the game closes itself for updating BattlEye (something that, apparently, isn't doing). As soon as I join my server via DayZ Commander, I connect to the lobby and then, after a few seconds, a red BattlEye error message appears: The installation is never done, because everytime I connect to server's lobby, it appears the same message and the game closes itself after a few seconds. I already tried uninstalling BattlEye, install it back and reinstalling ArmA2 OA Beta Patch, but that didn't do the trick. Here's the RPT Client Log: I also have taken a look at RPT Server's Log: Do you have any solution for this issue? It really never happened to me, which is really weird. PD: Don't just say it's easy to find out in Google, because I have already been searching for a while how to fix this and didn't find anything. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hello: Wow! Lots of thanks! Had been 2 days trying to find out what was wrong and I couldn't! By the way, thanks for sharing your amazing dome script (so I can give god mode to players in base and such). That weird format position makes no sense at all, tho. Do you actually know if I could get the UUID from the MySQL Database by searching for the username or any similar way to do it? Much appreciated! :)
  7. Hello there, I had been searching for a script to protect my admin's base, so unauthorized players would be killed. After a little bit of research, I had found the following tutorial (which has a syntax mispell I already fixed: rectangle=1). I've followed all the steps, and created a sensor (which is actually a trigger in Arma 2's Map Editor), whose code I added to mission.sqm: class Item5 { position[]={1261.4967,4688.3843,-140.78297}; a=150; b=150; rectangle=1; activationBy="ANY"; repeating=1; interruptable=1; age="UNKNOWN"; name="dome"; expCond="(vehicle player) in thislist;"; expActiv="dome = [] execVM ""dome.sqf"";"; expDesactiv="terminate dome; titleText [""You have left the Admin Dome."", ""PLAIN DOWN"", 3];"; class Effects { titleType="TEXT"; titleEffect="PLAIN DOWN"; title="If you see this, the xxx dome script isn't working right now but the intrusion sensor is!"; }; }; I've verified that class Sensor's items is set to 6 (the fifth sensors are DayZ Epoch's default ones, which make the Trader Cities work), so the custom sensor I added is the sixth and, therefore, the item's number is correct. The dome.sqf file content is the following: // Dome if ((getPlayerUID player) in ["123456789"]) exitWith { titleText ["Welcome to the Admin Dome!", "PLAIN DOWN", 3]; }; // Everyone Else titleText ["This dome is an Admin-only area, please leave immediately.", "PLAIN DOWN", 3]; sleep 5; titleText ["If you do not turn back you will be killed.", "PLAIN DOWN", 3]; sleep 5; titleText ["You have 10 seconds!", "PLAIN DOWN", 3]; sleep 5; titleText ["You must leave now!", "PLAIN DOWN", 3]; sleep 5; titleText ["You were warned!", "PLAIN DOWN", 3]; sleep 3; player setDamage 1; The issue with the script is that it isn't showing me the welcome text nor killing me when any unauthorized user access the base (triggers the sensor). Do you have any solution to fix this issue? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi: Today I updated my DayZ Epoch Chernarus Private Server but I haven't been able to find the Initial Custom Loadout definition: I've been searching around init.sqf but I haven't been able to find where that is. Has it been removed? Regards.
  9. Hi: A few days ago I discovered that the buildings of Trader Cities were duplicated, superimposed, so, for example, you could see tents of Stary Sobor's Trader City duplicated and superimposed. Before that happened, I had like 200-300 rows in the "object_data" table, after that happened, 400-500 rows in that table. I think this was due to a hard restart of the Server and the MySQL Database, but I'd like to see if there is any solution to this issue. There is another post which tells the same as I, excepting that this user updated to, while I didn't update the Server. (http://dayzepoch.com/forum/index.php?/topic/3599-trader-buildings-duplicated-after-update-to-1025/) How do I solve this? Regards.
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