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  1. yeah there is a few vehicles with that issue, I personally havent found a solution except t just not use them. Alot of the vehicles do work tho
  2. just put it at the top under dayZ_serverName personally havent tried it but it should work.
  3. Be sure to put a ; at the end DZE_GodModeBase = true; // Make player built base objects indestructible DZE_GodModeBaseExclude = [ "WoodFloor_DZ", "WoodFloorhalf_DZ", "WoodFloorQuarter_DZ", "WoodLargeWallWin_DZ", "WoodLargeWallDoor_DZ", "Land_DZE_LargeWoodDoorLocked", "WoodSmallWallDoor_DZ", "WoodSmallWallWin_DZ", "Land_DZE_GarageWoodDoor", "Land_DZE_GarageWoodDoorLocked", "WoodLadder_DZ", "WoodRamp_DZ", "WoodStairsSans_DZ", "WoodSmallWall_DZ", "WoodSmallWallThird_DZ", "WoodStairs_DZ", "WoodShack_DZ" ];
  4. Got my test server up last night will get cracking tonight after work. :)
  5. try this: ["Assassin","Sniper1_DZ","SurvivorW2_DZ",["5Rnd_762x51_M24",6,"15Rnd_9x19_M9SD",4,VIP_ITEMS,VIP_TOOLS],["M24_DZ","M9_SD_DZ"],"DZ_Backpack_EP1",[],[],2,-20000,0,"MeleeHatchet"], you had "" around the VIP_ITEMS,and VIP_TOOLS should do the trick!
  6. try this: ["Assassin","Sniper1_DZ","SurvivorW2_DZ",["5Rnd_762x51_M24",6,"15Rnd_9x19_M9SD",4,VIP_ITEMS,VIP_TOOLS],["M24_DZ","M9_SD_DZ"],"DZ_Backpack_EP1",[],[],2,-20000,0,"MeleeHatchet"], you had "" around the VIP_ITEMS,and VIP_TOOLS should do the trick!
  7. @salival i just made a pull request/update (i think, sorry first time trying to use github to do anything other than download) on GitHub, check out some changes i made and see what you think. Changes include 3 different crosses for the graves, gutting uses a bodybag instead of a grave, and added some text for gutting. my personal version has some custom sounds as well for each action but has some more steps to install in description.ext so i left that out for now, but if you are interested i can upload those as well. i am going to play with github a bit more and try to figure it out a bit.
  8. Be sure to check your paths: fn_selfAction.sqf variables.sqf compiles just redirects to fn_selfAction.sqf, so if you already have a custom one then ignore that part
  9. i am running infistar and am superadmin, But i could access it straight away. I wonder if its just for normal players and admins are immune?
  10. i had one player report this to me as well, i havent tested it personally yet though, will go check it out now and report back. UPDATE: Checked it out and I cannot replicate the issue on my server. built a storage_shed_kit into a StorageShed_DZ (400 slot gear) and can access it straight away (be sure to look at the white corner for the gear menu). So basically nothing new to report. If anyone else reports the same issue i will report back.
  11. Overwatch bikey Here you go. Enjoy
  12. oh i forgot the self actions: obviously change out shovel for etool if you wish
  13. bury bodies: i removed the crate option on mine as personally i feel once a body is buried the gear should be gone Same with gut human, i had it show a body bag once they have been gutted, the bury body shows a grave with a cross Check_wallet hope these help on a side note anything special you had to do to get money to save in safes/objects? i cant seem to get that to work, i have coins working on people just fine, but objects wont update
  14. I have bury bodies, gutting and check wallet working. I'll post up when I get home from work.
  15. You need to move the configuration file mission side and re point it's location, then the changes in it will work
  16. i dont think DZAI has mission by default.... WAI and DZMS are the ones that usually pop missions. i use DZAI only for roaming ai and town ai.
  17. Stupid thought but you are moving the loot files client side right?
  18. It's because it is in dayz_code not in dayz_server. dayz_code is run on the client side as well so each player would need your custom dayz_code file to work properly.
  19. You need to move the files mission side and reprint the calls for them. They will work with your changes then. I did the same thing
  20. nvm i just found Juan's tutorial.. derp
  21. So im having a hard time adding new items to the traders. In my dayz_code\config_variables i have DZE_ConfigTrader = true; so in dayz_code\Configs\CfgServerTrader\Category i tried adding a new category for Overwatch weapons, added the category to the defines in cfgServerTrader.hpp, and added the category ID to the Trader in dayz_code\system\mission\server_traders\chernarus11 yet no category shows up. I also tried just adding some new vehicles to an existing list and those don't show up either. I'm kinda stumped here atm. Anyone have any ideas?
  22. you need to remove the plot pole and place a new one. im assuming the server you play on has claiming, so after you place your plot pole, scroll to claim objects in range. You need a crowbar to pull plot poles. GL!
  23. first i would try a different server to see if its related to only one or multiple. If its one and you are getting a grey screen you probably have been banned. If its on multiple servers then i would re verify the integrity of A2 and OA. Before joining a server hop into each A2 and OA and join the campaign, let it load up to the point where you can move around and then exit. This will initialize certain files in A2 and OA. Then try to join a server. There is no better launcher. Let us know how this works out!
  24. can you post your rpt? will help us see whats going on
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