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  1. So this DOES work for sure? Or just theoretically? Here's what's happening to me:
  2. I just tried my hand at underwater salvaging myself and am getting the same kick. Did anyone try this fix and if so, did it work?
  3. Where da shirts at, yo?
  4. I'm not a server owner/operator... just a player... but that makes total sense. Unfortunately, I don't think that'll do anything to limit/restrict what vehicles are tradeable there... but once again, I'm not a coder, so I could just be talking out of my ass here. Sounds good on paper, but I think once players discovered this to be the case you'd find that they would leave the server... but that's just my opinion.
  5. But if you remove boats, it sure makes looting sunken wrecks offshore a major pain in the ass... as in, nobody would EVER do it. I would be REALLY bummed if boats were to ever go away entirely...
  6. When I originally posted I was thinking of just keeping coastal traders as dynamic (with the normal dynamic trader attributes), just limiting their spawn locations to being near the water and adjusting the traders overall so that only THOSE traders would be able to buy/sell boats.
  7. I had the same issue with lockboxes. You need to put down a jammer to allow building more than 2 items, regardless of where they are now. (I think)
  8. I'd love to see two things: Two type of dynamic traders: land-based & coastal. Land based traders are like the current ones. Coastal traders would be traders that show up on the waters edge or within X meters of the coast. Why? Because.... Water Vehicles only tradable at coastal traders. This would help encourage players to use boats properly and not just fly over them with a liftable heli and lift them inland to sell at a trader where they could never possibly be bought for proper use. Essentially it would require breaking the dynamic traders into two sets of spawn coord sets (I think, I'm not a coder) and require two sets of trader inventory systems? Not sure how that would actually work or if it's feasable... but I think it would really add to the game. Reason for posting this: I want to go salvage diving and need a boat... and realized there's a very good chance that all of the boats are probably 3k inland, sitting in traders with no hope of ever being used properly until they expire.
  9. That's a good tip... I'll look into it. I guess I'm wondering if there's an actual corner/snapping option that functions at 90 degrees so when you build a box/foundation that it'll work with the current floors (as a roof) gride seamlessly...
  10. Put one cinder wall down in the ground. To build another one connected/snapped to an end at a 90 degree angle (think corner of a building)... is there any way to snap it so you KNOW it's at the same height/angle? Am I missing something obvious here? Step 1: _ Step 2: _| (only even/same size on the 2nd piece, lol)
  11. So it works fine on whatever server you play on?
  12. Has anyone ran into the issue yet where the new crafting items (rocks/ropes/etc) in the pre-load inventory are not tradeable? They show up at the trader but double-clicking on them doesn't do anything. Other preload stuff (cinders/mortars/etc) work fine. Is this a known issue? Or does it sound isolated? (I'm not a server owner/admin/etc... just a player trying to suss it out for himself.)
  13. I feel that bases should be earned and not bought... I think the new Epoch dynamic trader inventory system is a GREAT step away from the A2 unlimited trader supplies system and I would personally hate to see traders spawn/re-spawn in with materials pre-loaded. All that's going to do is result in people killing traders to for the respawn on the next restart and then boom: they'll have a ridiculous amount of building supplies. My opinion? Adding those materials to trader spawn-ins would severely screw the balance of the trading system.
  14. *whispers* loud noises....
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