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  1. Sure, why not? That's why we are here after all. ;) Well, after some time editing a bunch of code related to the respawn it worked. But I don't know if it was necessary to change all the things I have, or just the last change (the one I did and then the system worked). So I checked it again, and I am 99% you won't have to do anything outside the server_playerLogin.sqf. Open that file, that is located at your compiles folder on your dayz_server.pbo and find this: } else { _isInfected = _primary select 3; _model = _primary select 4; _hiveVer = _primary select 5; // add here..... As soon as you find it, you add this right below. if ((_model == "Survivor2_DZ") or (_model == "Survivor1_DZ")) then { _model = ["Haris_Press_EP1_DZ", "Pilot_EP1_DZ", "Functionary1_EP1_DZ", "Rocker3_DZ", "Rocker1_DZ", "Rocker2_DZ", "Rocker4_DZ"] call MY_fnc_rollDICE; }; if (_model == "SurvivorW2_DZ") then { _model = ["SurvivorW2_DZ", "SurvivorW3_DZ", "SurvivorWcombat_DZ", "SurvivorWdesert_DZ", "SurvivorWurban_DZ", "SurvivorWpink_DZ"] call MY_fnc_rollDICE; }; The first condition is male and second is female, but for some reason the female is not working (respawn with male skin).That's omething I am trying to figure out. If I find out, I'll post here again. Now, right below this code you just added, you'll see this: if (isNil "_model") then { _model = "Survivor2_DZ"; } else { if (_model == "") then { _model = "Survivor2_DZ"; }; }; Now delete it and replace with this: if (isNil "_model") then { _model = ["Haris_Press_EP1_DZ", "Pilot_EP1_DZ", "Functionary1_EP1_DZ", "Rocker3_DZ", "Rocker1_DZ", "Rocker2_DZ", "Rocker4_DZ"] call MY_fnc_rollDICE; } else { if (_model == "") then { _model = ["Haris_Press_EP1_DZ", "Pilot_EP1_DZ", "Functionary1_EP1_DZ", "Rocker3_DZ", "Rocker1_DZ", "Rocker2_DZ", "Rocker4_DZ"] call MY_fnc_rollDICE; }; }; Now to finish, go to the first line of the file (private-line), and right below it add this: MY_fnc_rollDICE = { _this select (floor random (count _this)) }; That's all I guess. I hope it'll help you. See ya.
  2. Hello. I've been trying to set up random clothes when a player respawn in the server. I've edited the server_playerLogin.sqf at compiles folder on my server.pbo, but it didn't work, so I made some research and found out something related to the Gender Selection. I found some things at playermonitor related at gender selection, and some functions setting skins, so I changed it there, but I'm still respawning with default skin when clicking at "Male" or "Female". Also I've heard about rscTittles.hpp and I don't know a idea where this file is located... I need to deactivate or disable the gender selection to make it works. Does anyone know how do I do that? Thanks. @EDIT - Nevermind, got it working. I added some conditions at the .sqf file on the server.pbo and it works perfectly.
  3. Knight


    It's probably happening because you are using the old fn_selfactions. You gotta get the updated fn_selfactions from Epoch Client files. Go to your Arma2OA folder -> @DayZ_Epoch -> find dayz_code and extract it using a pbo manager. After that, you open the folder and go to the compiles folder. There you'll find fn_selfactions.sqf. You copy that and use it to put the scripts you want, including self blood bag, as an example. If you don't know what is it (what code you have to put into your new selfaction file) go to the script page and there you'll find it, probably. Doing this I have my remove clothes and selfbloodbag scripts working smoothly.
  4. Hello everyone. In the old version I was using a replaced debug monitor (using Insert to toggle it). It was located at compiles.sqf, so I just changed it to my custom playerstats.sqf. With the update I cant find the location of playerstats.sqf anymore. Does anyone know where is it? Thanks.
  5. Hello everyone! I've been looking in a way to incentive my players to build bases. The thing is that players can break in the base too easy because of the objects life, and indestructable bases is not an option for me personally. I think it breaks a fun part of the game: go and destroy your enemy's base, but it should be much more harder, because of 2 things: 1 - Endless ammo: there are many bugs to have endless ammo, so with 1 round and a good weapon you can destroy an entire base. 2 - Indestructable bases would make the players not maintain the area, so I would have bases everywhere, and I wouldn't know which one was "active". So is there any way to change the life of the objects? Being more hard to destruct. Thanks.
  6. How you solved this? Having the same problem... Would be really grateful.
  7. Yeah, happens with me too. I have a base at green mountain, it's a zombie spawn place. But most of them spawn outside the base and run through the door/cinderblock walls. It really sucks. Also, I got soooo pissed off when the zombie hit you with a 10m range or something like that... If both things get fixed it would be really much better.
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