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  1. thanks, used this to run a livemap :)
  2. isnt this an actual 1.0.4 bug rather then a privateserver issue? in that case please report it on vbawol's git :)
  3. wil be fixed in the next epoch update: https://github.com/vbawol/DayZ-Epoch/commit/d5253c46f415e09858fa2edf59aa55d7644e27b9
  4. as far as i know epoch's hive doesnt use a world table, i think HFB is running a different hivesystem (bliss) the intance ID's are visible in the mission folder names
  5. just found that the AWOL airfield dealer has no sensor area in the mission.sqm. is there any special reason for that? ive added it myself. for those interested: go to the sensors category in mission.sqm and raise the items count from 9 to 10 class Sensors { items=10; below the Boat2 sensor add: class Item9 { position[]={15128.379,19.974716,16421.879}; activationBy="WEST"; repeating=1; interruptable=1; age="UNKNOWN"; name="AWOL"; expCond="(player distance awol) < 75;"; expActiv="TitleText[""Now Entering Aircraft Vendor"",""PLAIN DOWN""]; canbuild = false;"; expDesactiv="TitleText[""Now Leaving Aircraft Vendor"",""PLAIN DOWN""]; canbuild = true;"; class Effects { }; };
  6. apply the v1.0.4b hotfix from the announcements section! :)
  7. I forgot to add the aircraftdealer, and i cant acces my servers atm. But its quite easy to get the info from the mission sqm in the mission.sqm near the end of the entries, they are positioned as: name="tradername" position={xxxx.xxxx, zzzz.zzzz, yyyy.yyyy} radius=rad in the trader init you only need to add a line to the existing array [[xxxx.xxxx, yyyy,yyyy],rad,"tradername"], //comment about the trader can be added here the last entry does not have a trailing comma
  8. i doubt Napf uses the exact same trader cooirdinates as chernarus.. ;) Voor napff these are all traders: _safezones = [ [[8246.3184,15485.867],50, "Lenz"], // Lenzburg [[15506.952,13229.368],100, "Emmen"], // Emmen [[12399.751,5074.5273],75, "Schratten"], // Schratten [[10398.626,8279.4619],50, "Bandit"], // Bandit camp [[5149.9814,4864.1191],50, "Hero"], // Hero vendor [[2122.7954,7807.9878],50, "Wholesaler"], // Wholesaler 1 [[5379.0342,16103.187],50, "Wholesaler"], // Wholesaler 2 [[6772.8877,16983.27],50, "Boatdealer"], // Boat dealer 1 [[16839.973,5264.0566],50, "Boatdealer"] // Boat dealer 2 ]; or if you just want the main traders to have godmode and not the others: _safezones = [ [[8246.3184,15485.867],50, "Lenz"], // Lenzburg [[15506.952,13229.368],100, "Emmen"], // Emmen [[12399.751,5074.5273],75, "Schratten"] // Schratten // [[10398.626,8279.4619],50, "Bandit"], // Bandit camp // [[5149.9814,4864.1191],50, "Hero"], // Hero vendor // [[2122.7954,7807.9878],50, "Wholesaler"], // Wholesaler 1 // [[5379.0342,16103.187],50, "Wholesaler"], // Wholesaler 2 // [[6772.8877,16983.27],50, "Boatdealer"], // Boat dealer 1 // [[16839.973,5264.0566],50, "Boatdealer"] // Boat dealer 2 ];
  9. has it allready been reported that not all traders line up with their position in the map? for example the bandit trader at the old airfield: video: http://www.twitch.tv/joschaap/c/3629528 [between: 23:00 and 25:30]
  10. how about adding the start loadout for players into the database such as the Bliss-hive for dayz used to have :) It will save admins the hassle of learning how to use PBO tools and editting the server files :)
  11. ive been venturing up north since the map shows alot of new roads and a railroad track there :) there are some towns laid out there. the roads and flats are there. just no buildings yet. i did find this footbal field in the middle of nowhere and ventured on west with some friends :) a nice railroad viaduct northeast of the neaf got to love these clouds! KoS or get romantic during player encounters? If you come accross this boat. you have to go check it out! the enterior is amazing! A nice view for a rest (F3)
  12. DayZ standalone, usefull links video about character movement and start loadout usage: Chernarus+ map: http://i.imgur.com/v684x4e.jpg Basic information about the items and their usage + Tips/Tricks http://www.reddit.com/r/dayz/comments/1t23cw/dayz_tip_thread/ information and info video about the hunger and thirst system: info: http://www.reddit.com/r/dayz/comments/1t4l5f/is_current_hungerthirst_model_just_misunderstood/ video: Medical information and treatments of wounds/illness and other usefull stuff: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vPWUgdELQUB7ZKubAVqfNRXwWlDEKvhSM67KKcK14OA/edit?pli=1 Information about the most recent character whipe and hacking issues: http://forums.dayzgame.com/index.php?/topic/155358-security-vulnerabilities-fixed-by-patch-2-and-character-wipe/
  13. arent all tradables defined in SQL ?
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