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  1. Vanilla Epoch is Epoch with no mods, ie no missions etc.
  2. Scaramanga

    Knockout script?

    What do you have in fn_selfActions.sqf?
  3. Using stairs from the outside and removing them afterwards? I would be suspicious though, but very impressive if it's legit.
  4. That will kick for typing in side chat.
  5. The old original version of WAI supported one mission, the new version supports several.
  6. Some run the game with the wrong parameters, ie Overpoch instead of Epoch etc. In some cases it's the auto-update, but they should join again later if so. This has occured for longer than these things have existed so there must be other reasons as well.
  7. I like running the SQLs in my restart script. That way people won't lose their vehicle if the key is on their corpse when key cleanup SQL runs etc.
  8. DayZ Commander works fine except for the fact that you have to refresh the server list after starting it.
  9. Scaramanga

    Handcuff Script

    Most likely you messed something up in fn_selfActions.sqf. Also one thread is enough.
  10. I only experienced it for a short period while testing f3cuks char rollback fix: .
  11. Considering how shitty most Russian VPN solutions (and Russian ISPs in general) are. I doubt anyone from western Europe would play via a Russian VPN unless they were a total masochist. I also think the term you are looking for is bigot, not nationalist.
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