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  1. Rook


    oh nice :) very happy about that - will test and report back.
  2. Rook


    Thanks for the replies, Like the idea of the jammer handling all maintainence, I agree so much could be done with it, however it would be nice to to not have to interact / maintain to keep loot stored in game, base maintainence fair enough but epoch has always had a good % of hoarders playing the game and the logistics of maintaining and keeping loot alive is very high, i spend a good amount of time just interacting with storage items , vehilces included, and feel for me its the one thing i would love to see changed, imagine its linked to performance why we have to interact with storge ? Yeah that would be cool to have a rundown of parts maintained, never had the problem of a corupt message in regards to krypto cost of maintining , always displayed for me.
  3. Rook


    Yes! i saw the you tube vid saying safes were on the way back , good news :) so are you saying we wont have to interact with the safe to keep it it and its contents around? if so then that is great news :)
  4. Rook


    Hi , First off thanks for developing Epoch for A3 - When it first apeared i thought the angle you have was very good, I like the horror element to it and i'm very glad the cultisits are back. I think the direction you are choosing to go down in terms of vibe is a good one , i look forward to more antagonists! One question I do have is - Will the persistance of loot in storage be addressed ( forgive me if i have missed this off a changelog / milestone ) -i just find it such a pain to have to interact with all storage devices to keep them alive so to speak , a lot of the time io spend just doing that :( and i do find it off putting the thought of it -if that would be fixed or changed so we dont have to it would be great. In regards to the cultisits- One idea i had would be to have a boss cultist, one that could emit Zeus lightning bolts XD @random of course as it would be too much all the time- In addition i think they also work well with sappers, when the mod first came out you would have them @ the same time and once the cultisit slowed you down avoiding the sapper would be even harder - Were they intended to work together Thanks for your time reading this :)
  5. Hey, how do i actually do this, i have the same problem since update, can see the sql on the dl page, understand i need to modify my server files to remove the vehicles but not sure how to do this, apologies i'm a little new to modifying server configs/files and dont want to mess it up. Thanks
  6. Thanks Wayans, i got it up and runnning glad to see i did it in the right way, was initally worried as it keep saying install map pack, and i had, guess it just need refreshing. Thanks again !
  7. Hey All, Sorry if this has been asked before. I purchased a sever from HFB to run Epoch Taviana and i'm a complete nub when it comes to running a server , i was wondering if anyone knew of a step by step guide to install and run epoch taviana on HFB server. Thanks in advance! Rook
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