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  1. Wesley

    Indestructible bases, why do you like that feature?

    Bushwick, I dont like your idea. It awards players for being offline and punishes players for being online. A large group could log onto the server where they built 4 bases and only lo gone 1 time a week for 5 minutes to maintain their bases, and they would be untouchable. Only thing they would do is take up the building #s in that server.
  2. Wesley


    Altis sucks, play Taviana!
  3. Wesley

    Lock boxes, shelves and Epoch building items

    1000 items at 15 players...... Then servers should perform just peachy with 7000 items and 60 players.... We should have just asked Diz. So you know that was sarcasm, it seems you missed that the first time around. Nothing here suggests changing the function of the game.
  4. Wesley

    Lock boxes, shelves and Epoch building items

    Zombie, do you have more players to add to your group?
  5. Wesley

    Lock boxes, shelves and Epoch building items

    agreed on both Chisel and Second coming
  6. Wesley cfgCrafting! WOOT WOOT

    FYI the 0301 crafting file has an error: The vehiclerepairlg calls for itemcorrugated while itemcorrugatedlg says it's used in vehiclerepairlg
  7. Wesley

    A couple of questions on Sappers

    While the better adminned servers will hold player population, Don't think these badly run servers will be replaced with good adminned ones, they will be replaced with new adminned ones, where the new admins have no idea the time sink that adminning a server correctly involves. Finding a map/admin combo that you like can be trying at times, but don't give up they are out there!
  8. Wesley

    Are These New Lootable Objects From Epoch?

    If they have a search option, it would probably be easy if I would have write access to that file.
  9. Wesley

    Are These New Lootable Objects From Epoch?

    Steelrat, I placed those items in the firestation for looks/emersion. I had no idea they come up with the stupid "inventory" thingy
  10. Wesley

    Frequency Jammer undestroyable on GPDE01?

    What kind of effect do chainsaws have on these structures? It was the best way to break into bases in A2 Epoch
  11. Wesley

    Taviana kick to Lobby

    There is a taviana thread in here somewhere(probably front page) it has all the info you will need for tavi
  12. Never too late to learn them :) http://www.armatechsquad.com/ArmA2Class151656165165341654165165165165f/A2/Buildings/
  13. Wesley

    M3Editor - A3 3D Editor

    Any way we can get roads and/or runway surfaces in this editor?????
  14. Wesley

    Ilanavis [WIP]

    There are a ton of custom 1 time use buildings in Sabina, I wouldn't blame it on the size of the city, or else Fallujah would be completely unplayable, and that is not the case.
  15. Wesley

    Ilanavis [WIP]

    Interesting idea putting different sats together. I like all the urban area!