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  1. Just to reply to this in case anyone else has been wondering. No it doesn't work due to an out of bounds exception with the PlayerUID being too long for the database. :( I have tried increasing the length and the data type for the objectID and CharacterID which doesn't work. Hive.ext Error: HiveExt(0): [Error] Error executing |CHILD:308:19:CinderWall_DZ:0:76561198053773143:[300.73,[9633.21,10487,0.00143909],[[-0.859584,0.510994,0],[0,0,1]]]:[]:[]:0:96332104870065:|
  2. Sorry to revive an old topic but has anyone experienced when hide_ai = true they aren't actually hidden... they are frozen but not "hidden". Looking through Cache_units.sqf I found //_x hideObjectGlobal true; Should this be un-commented? EDIT: nvm did some reading, it's for Arma 3 :( still AI are frozen but not hidden
  3. Broken download link? EDIT: nvm found the second download link at the bottom of first post. <-- need more coffee.
  4. Sharing? and what sort of number benefits are we getting?
  5. If you can uplaod your server and mission pbo's and pm me ill have a look at them if you want. I just got home from uni.
  6. Isnt there supposed to be something under the reset self actions list? I may be thinking about another mod but or fix for something but it all looks good from mobile
  7. Thats the compiles.sqf. there is no mention of the laptop in that file. It should be in the variables.sqf
  8. As long as you have it set up correctly and your laptop object name is the same as the ine defined in variables.sqf it should work.
  9. My players are reporting some of the HUD "falling off the bottom of the screen" http://postimg.org/image/kp0hbxlqx/ Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? It doesn't happen to everyone but i think it has something to do with their resolution.
  10. whats the name and extension of the file. $PREFIX$ or $PBOPREFIX$ ? can you show the file structure inside your vilayercodecustom\*yourserverfile*\
  11. Check your pbo prefix when packing your server pbo @famous Google it because I cant explain it right now.
  12. If your code is correct and you have manually changed your hive.dll. you may want to check the the dll is still installed because vilayer rebuilds themission and server pbo to the custom content one. You will have to open a ticket and get them to manually update it so the dll will save on restarts. Which should fix your probelm of money not saving.
  13. Ok well zupa is going to release something tomorrow that you may like :) im going to see how it works tomorrow. Basically from what he has said he will be able to implement custom skins not just faces
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