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    Hello survivor!

    Are you tired of all the overpowered military servers with rockets and all sorts of crazy things out there?
    Are you missing the good old Arma 2 Epoch times?
    - We do so!

    We set this server up to bring you back to the roots of DayZ Epoch.
    We also implemented some scripts that makes the game more user-friendly and easier to get started for new players.

    We are a growing and new community server.
    We are looking for players, both new and old, to embark on this new journey with us- to get Epoch properly back to life.
    We're hoping that you and your friends will participate in the growth of our community and build this server in your liking.

    Some of the server features below: 

    - Very low-military server (no more than Epoch Default)
    - Active & also playing Adminteam
    - Full serverrulebook at our Steamgroup
    - Regular serverevents
    - Coin based currency
    - 3 Tradercities (Klen / Stary / Bash) & Hero / Bandit / Aircraft Dealer (all Safezones)
    - Cheaper building supplies (until more populated server)
    - Custom Buildings / Mili Camps
    - Severestarts every 3h (daytime only)
    - 2 weeks maintain (14 days)
    - 30+ Hero & Bandit AI Missions
    - No Zombies in Base
    - Plot Management
    - Door Management
    - Group Management (F5)
    - Earplugs (F1)
    - Take clothes from death bodies
    - Spawn Selection
    - Deploy Bike / Mozzie from Toolbox
    - Service Points (Refuel / Repair)
    - Lift & Tow vehicles
    - Sector FNG (AI Base)
    - Skalisty Island (AI Base - high loot reward)

    Planned features (confirmed)

    - Indestructable bases (except doors)
    - Currently you can't buy C4 at traders, just find them 
    - Vote for Day & Night
    - More serverslots if needed (up to 50)

    Planned features (if wanted)

    - More loot & custom loot
    - More map additions
    - Custom Humanity gear
    - Day & Nightime cycle
    - more to come

    Server IP:
    Name: Epoch-Zombieland 2.0|EU|lowMili|Coins|StartGear|Missions|PvEvP|
    Teamspeak IP: teaminfernal.de
    Mail: [email protected]
    Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/infernalepoch

    Our server is hosted in germany, so every european player should have very good ping and low latency.
    Feel free to leave a message via mail if you need support/or have questions for us.
    You also get support in our teamspeak or steamgroup.

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