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  1. Okay, old thread i know, but see ive added this script and it seems to work fine expect one big issue, the action does not show up in the scroll menu, now if you pay attention it actually skips one and if you click it does infact take the clothes from the body, but is not showing up in scroll menu. a possible fix for this would be awesome
  2. If you enjoyed dayz back in the day, there is still some good servers doing epoch the old school way, the survival way. check out a new server called "dayz Done Right" the nostalgia is real
  3. So the title says it all bassically, ive opened up a dayz server which is going to play and feel alot like vanilla dayz, but with more to do. more choice, more variety and just things to keep you interested, you WILL not have your hand held for you by admins or the server, you will NOT spawn with enough money to buy any gear you want. best way to describe it is dayz. The Right Way. enjoyable, a grind. SURVIVAL with risk of PvP. the need to protect your gear, the worry about losing your gear, the feeling to accomplishment when you find a rare weapon or buy a rare weapon, instead of joining a server. spawning at NWAF and finding a lapua or AS50 in the first building you enter. if this interests you, the server is called "Dayz Done Right" you can find it on the dayz launcher or the direct connection IP is - Happy hunting boys
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