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  1. #Cy6 is back after a long time. We wanted to give people a stable semi mili pvp server experience again. we had 1 of the best full mili servers back then now we wanna rock it up on semi mili this time. Check your six gaming is here to make you play your favorite game again. our server is a fast action pvp server with easy humanity,loot etc. we got everything to give u some nice pvp action in here. Some of Our features are #Some of our custom scripts and features are 1.Custom Antihack with strict BE filters. 2.Pearl Fishing...Find a pearl fishing spot on the map!. 3.Cows... You can buy a cow from cow dealer.Guide your Cows using ' key to cow meat trader 4.Custom Server side missions (Ikea,Weapons,bombcrates,Supply drops etc), 5.Custom Server notification system. 6.Safe management...works like door etc. 7.Custom Base Raiding. 8.Militry Earplugs. 9.Custom Bank Rob. 10.Custom Ai Base,roaming mission/patrols 11.Advance XP system with advanced perk menu/Xp trader. 12. Pvp Events. And Alot more custom shit(edited) #What Are you waiting for. ? 1) Join Now Our server :- IP:- 2) Our Discord :- https://discord.gg/fNGDDxd
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