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  1. i placed the keys that came with epoch in the keys folder in my server key folder
  2. i did the things in the guide and im still getting the error.
  3. IM not sure if there is a section on how to install taviana but i go to join my server and it bring up the missing keys for taviana and it says i need to install the the keys or delete the files that are on the error message. i looked on goolge to see if i could find a fix but no luck. so any help is appreciated. sorry if there is already some thing on this.
  4. 1) Using HeidiSQL, login to your database using "localhost" as the hostname and what ever username/password you set up while installing the MySQL database. 2) Right Click on "Local Server" (Near top left of screen), navigate to "Create New" and click on "Database". Name your database "dayz_epoch" and use collation "utf8_general_ci". Close HeidiSQL Cant figure this part out. im using mysql workbench.
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