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  1. youre a fucking legend mate, ive been pulling my hair out over this haha
  2. Hi Please dont just link me another thread, ive probably looked at it already. Im trying to load the namalsk mission file on my local hosted server, but even tho it is set in the config file, it just simply wont load for some reason. I join the server and it just tells me to wait for host. Nothing shows up in the server log saying anything about the mission file, just me connecting, and then leaving. 15_namalsk.cfg 15_namaslk.bat The mission file is where it should be E:\Games\Servers\arma 2\dayzserver\MPMissions\DayZ_Epoch_15.namalsk.pbo I have no clue why its not working, please someone with knowledge on this sorta thing give me a hand Thanks
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