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  1. hmm i have the same issue. If i use a chop shop no problem but if you do it somewhere else you lose options unless you relog. is it the self actions? or is something else going on with the if !(count _chopShops > 0) part? Edit: okay so I adjusted that part and added in the dayz action in progress part into this if !(count _chopShops > 0) exitWith {systemChat("You can't scrap a whole vehicle out in the open, get to a Chop Shop!"); dayz_actionInProgress = false;}; I guess since if it's an exit if you're not near a chop shop it never makes it to the bottom of the sqf to get that line to make it false so you'd lose access to all your actions. I'm not much a coder but it seems to work lol. Although I'd like it better if the "Scrap It" line just never appeared unless you were within distance of a chop shop. edit: okay n/m I thought it was working but it actually killed working at chop shops all together >_> and I lost admin tools for some reason . . . ah well
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