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  1. [OLD Release] Custom Chernarus Server Pack 1.2.1 - For Epoch (Development Stopped) just copying the headline the current version of epoch is
  2. u should really search some more. first of all most of the weapons like the SCAR_H_STD_TWS_SD is banned due to they are not fitting dayz very well secondly if u want more weapons like the SCAR_H_STD_TWS_SD u should implement Rmod & my last words http://opendayz.net/threads/100-custom-loot-tables-tutorial.12117/
  3. well the free code will not get rid of better scripters, but u will get rid of some script kiddies
  4. okay since this package has stopped i have decide to release a new package in the coming days so we can avoid some more simple questions & give something back to the community of Epoch 2 very important notes EVERYONE USING ONE OF THE PACKS READ THIS: REMEMBER THE 1.2.1 PACK IS FOR EPOCH PATCH THIS COULD BE WHY ALOT OF PEOPLE ARE MISSING STUFF OR THERE IS BROKEN CODE REMEMBER THE 1.2.2 PACK ISNT TESTED SO THERE WILL BE ERRORS & PROBLEMS WITH IT !!
  5. yes talk with your host about adding bikeys, maybe they will do it for u :) (if u give them the time, .st are usally very busy people)
  6. ye i know, just saying since the guides bluephoenix put up is how to execute it mission side. & since it seems like a lot of people are using it they should know :)
  7. mdswish scale ur loading screen down :)
  8. lolw00t

    Protected Dome

    since it is a little related to this does anyone have the cords for the debug area ? some people just dont get they cant create a base there...
  9. lolw00t

    Self Blood Taviana

    hmm just sure thats the best option for you since there isnt the same fn_selfactions on tavi as on Chernarus. but if everything works then great :D
  10. the only problem with bluephoenix is that is it executed client side so a hacker can get access to the admin tools if he knows what he is doing...
  11. some have problem whitelisting the traders menu so it wont show ingame cause the antihack is blocking all CMDmenus
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