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  1. NEW|CY6|Xp-System|Super-Custom|High Build Limit|No-Jets|Militarized|10mill-Start|Auction-Gamble|Easy-Gear|Custom-Scripts|High-FPS|Dedicated-Server|Weed-Gems|Jobs|Shit ton of more things Cherno server ip- Mods for [email protected] @Epoch Server features Include * Well server is very custom * Xp system * Gamble-Auction * Being able to shoot from the backs of vehicles pubg style * Perks with Xp * Pear fishing * Fast travel * Militarized But no Jets * High Fps * Dedicated * Custom GUI - Status Bar * Custom ESC Menu * Custom Mission Announcement's * Gems- Weed * Custom vehicles * Tazer's that work * Tons of more fun and custom scripts -We do not have a website but we use our discord and teamspeak!!! *Discord- https://discord.gg/TQPjdfr * Teamspeak- CheckYourSixGaming Made by Trapxxgods-Unit With the help of the legends Treuce and Cuddles
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