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    Adding Vehicles...?

    And not 5 minutes after posting this, I found it. For anyone else as hopeless as I am, it's in @epochhive\addons\epoch_server_settings\config.cpp. Derp.
  2. Irradiated Beef

    Adding Vehicles...?

    Howdy folks, sorry to ask what should be an obvious and easy thing, but my searches over the last two days haven't found me a current answer. Apparently in the older versions of Epoch, you would add vehicles by editing the allowedvehicleslist, however that seems to have changed in later versions, as the list is no longer there. I found some documents that state it's in the mission.pbo, some that state it's in the epochconfig.hpp (there's a reference to it but no actual list), and some that state it should be somewhere else in the epoch_server_settings, but I've come up completely blank. Does anyone happen to know where this is in the current (Epoch 1.0) release? Considering most documentation I'm finding is several years old, I can only assume I'm looking in the wrong places. :(