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  1. Thanks I am using this addon on exile, will add them and report back. Thanks for the reply.
  2. Hi. Still loving this mod, great work. Can i ask are the hostage missions completing ok now, I know a while ago they wasn't so I did remove them. Looking to add them back again. Thanks
  3. I will check that I am up to date on the files and let you know. We have had players say the same as above, all AI cleared and no reward....but they loved doing the actual mission so great work so far.
  4. HI Ghostrider, Just a quick question, are the hostage and capture missions ready to be activated? I tried them this week but the missions did not seem to complete. Thanks
  5. Hi. After recent update the ai and mission crates and objects are cleaned up in seconds ignoring what's on the config and also patrol vehicle's at the mission are ignoring what's set in the config. Getting 4 vehicle's but set to 1. Thanks in advance, Razor Ps this is on exile server, not checked it on my epoch server yet.
  6. There might be a quicker way to do it but on each mission sqf the is this line _markerType = ["ELIPSE",[175,175],"GRID"]; changing the 175 may change it. But I think altering a line in GMS_fnc_spawnMarker.sqf would be quicker I'm guessing this one _MainMarker setMarkerSize _size; // to _MainMarker setMarkerSize [150,150]; I could be wrong as I'm still learning
  7. Looking good after reading the change log, cant wait to update, great job. Thanks
  8. Hi all. I have been using this on epoch and its been fine, so I thought I would try it on exile, all seems ok but the AI are losing their uniforms and weapons on death, even if they are not killed by a vehicle. Is anybody else using this on exile? thanks
  9. Razor1977

    A3E DZMS

    the players love this, nice work
  10. Just noticed you made some changes a few days ago on the github, i am behind on my version. Will add those today. Cheers
  11. HI, I dont seem to get any AI at the Mafia fishermen missions, should there be any in the water or around the mission. Thanks in advance
  12. Razor1977

    Sarge AI

    Hi, Did this error go once you removed A3EAI? As I am seeing similar logs in the rpt. Thanks
  13. Razor1977

    Sarge AI

    Hi Dango, I updated and still couldnt get into the vehicles so I changed the sides back to the old version and now I can access the vehicles Would I have messed anything else up doing this, I still get friendly and enemy AI? Thanks for your time
  14. i am using SEM so will give it a go later tonight. Still got a few problems with roaming ai mod to look at first :( Thanks again
  15. will give it a quick try @He-Man on the server now as its down due to other problems :D Thanks
  16. I wish I knew how too :( That could be my project to keep me busy over the next 5 years :D
  17. Try a few settings and see what's best e.g. 0.0003, 1.0, 0.04 The first number is time for each crypto to transfer so just lower each time and see.
  18. Razor1977

    Sarge AI

    Will give it a try after work today. Thanks
  19. Razor1977

    Sarge AI

    Not sure why but when I add the updated version the players no longer get the option in the top menu to enter or drive any of their own vehicles. The ai are spawning ok though, I like the mix of friendly and enemy. :) Not sure if these errors are related to the option to enter and to drive are not there Thanks for your work on this
  20. is there a loot marker setting? Im getting this when loot spawns and im not sure it its this mod or on default epoch settings. Thanks ***Edit Sorted it now :) ****
  21. Razor1977

    Sarge AI

    Thank you for the fix @Dango much appreciated, will check the github out very soon
  22. Razor1977

    Sarge AI

    Damn just updated it to the server hoping it would fix it :D
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