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    Pc building and repair, Pc Games and staying alive long enough to see my daughter get married.
  1. ok well, I found one issue in server_monitor, but as for the init ..I have a server on survival servers so as the set up is different...some of the init are in init.sql and some are in an EpochConfig.sql..... I do not see some things in there as in the Hotfix....rest seems fine just in different locations...thanks for the help....guess I will just have to go code by code and see what's missing and what's changed.
  2. init file? do you mean the EpochConfig.sqf
  3. I only have 1 mod installed and its the deployable bike. This is the error I keep getting every time I try to load this. And yes the files are in my server so I do not know why it says not found.
  4. every time I try to load this I get this error. The game will allow me to load into the lobby. Shows the cut screen with loading bar at bottom of page but counts to 119 and bounces me back to the lobby. The only mod I have installed is Dayz Epoch Deployable Bike. I have checked to see if those files were on my server and they are.
  5. Confirmed for Epoch 1.06.1 or for Overpoch?
  6. I'm somewhat new on scripts but can you add a script that says for overpoch to a epoch server? The other part about ebayShopper update is for epoch is what it say in his file....not
  7. I have been looking at different Ai scripts but none seem to work for of dayz epoch. If someone can put me in a direction that I can atleast start on ,or know a script that I can use then let me know. I have tried Wicked and DZAI realease for but I keep getting errors when I try to get it to run on my server or my server just will not load.
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