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  1. why did he throw a less popular one? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1333620906
  2. which version of dayzorigins or origins mod are you using?
  3. I don't know. https://github.com/EpochModTeam/DayZ-Epoch/tree/master/Server Files/MPMissions Many maps seems to be removed in 1.0.7, but still there are many maps I don't know where they are. They may be in http://www.armaholic.com/
  4. https://github.com/EpochModTeam/DayZ-Epoch/tree/Release_1.0.6.2/Server Files/MPMissions There are many maps supported, but practically, it's hard (for players) to find maps which are not listed in Mod tab of DZLauncher. (How can we know which mods required and where to download them in Arma2's server list?)
  5. That kick is because of the difference in the file in server and client. isn't he cheating?
  6. After I have found this thread for 1.8.3 https://opendayz.net/threads/release-epoch-overpoch-origins-1-8.22050/ , I'm testing DayZ Epoch + Origins Mod 1.8.3 (I'm planning to use it after DZE or 1.0.7 update) I found some issue at a glance; 1. Missing Abort button in Esc menu Fix:You need to customize keyboard.sqf to add Abort button. Copy dayz_code/keyboard.sqf and add these line after , and overwrite DZ_KeyDown_EH with the file, like (I tried re-defining abort button in "RscDisplayMPInterrupt" in description.ext, but somehow it didn't work, It was even without error log in Arma2OA.rpt) 2. Character status UI has some more icons for OriginsMod. Fix: Copy dayz_code\gui\description.hpp and add these lines in the RscTitles block (before or after wm_disp block). Replace #include line for "\z\addons\dayz_code\gui\description.hpp" with this file, like 3. Gear menu has suspicious icons and buttons for Origins Mod. ( it seems this code removes buttons, but their BG squares are still left as they are... I need help for this.) 4. Some error buttons are not clickable. (missing addon > can't close the dialog) ( Solving in progress ) (add you a type89 > close dialog > log out & log in again > oh the error dialog doesn't disappear) Easiest way to solve thise is deleting ori_data.pbo, but it's hard to ask players to do that There may be some more issues. Please tell me if you know other issues or any good solution.
  7. As I wrote in discord, Some older commits prevents Epoch mod from waking up. (I have made some modification and Addition of some mods, so there may be conflicts) Server RPT: My modification: https://github.com/Schalldampfer/blckeagles-revisited-RC/tree/Schalldampfer This is another server RPT with older version, which works well. If I revert back to oler version (with same modification), the server and mission system works as intended.
  8. I'm now testing enemy artillery in my server, and got it working (not balanced yet) 1. Activate artillery module by adding this in dayz_server/WAI/init.sqf (Because I use this BIS_ARTY_LOGIC for all mortars, we can use only 1 type of mortar in the the server. I think I'd better create new BIS_ARTY_LOGIC in spawn_static.sqf and use it in arty_fire.sqf .. but I haven't tried this yet) 2. To add brain of artillery to each mortar (which you will spawn by using spawn_static function), add this into dayz_server/WAI/complie/spawn_static.sqf 's Line183 or around - where one of the static weapon is prepared for battle. 3. Now this is the brain of artillery. Create dayz_server/WAI/complie/arty_fire.sqf with this content (Most settings are hard-coded here so far, and may be inbalanced) Notes: To spawn artillery, put this code in the random mission If the mortar's group find a player, they will try to bombard him. I think the mortar unit doesn't have good eye, so I'm combining the group to another static weapons or cars like
  9. The sample of _misisonLootVehicles seems wrong. it must have the direction between position and loot array, like ["I_G_Offroad_01_armed_F",[-8,8,0],random 360,_crateLoot,[0,10,2,5,5,1]], according to GMS_fnc_spawnMissionLootVehicles.sqf
  10. DZGM is installed in DZE by default. (And the link of DZGM is to DZE itself)
  11. You have the answer in your firsrt post. Time to resist the force of legacy.
  12. I modified the BIS_fnc_findSafePos to find the safe position in a circular area, which I use in my server. (The original one searches positions in a square area, which is different from the description in https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_findSafePos ) I need it because mission systems spawn missions at the edge of the map, which is too far from any players. BIS_fnc_findSafePos = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_server\compile\BIS_fnc\fn_findSafePos.sqf";
  13. Why you need to duplicate items in vehicles twice... Items are stored in vehicle, and EPOCH_server_save_killedVehicle duplicates them on ground, and again put items on the ground?
  14. I think it is written out of APEX DLC section of the config. I'm using Apex DLC as well as others so it won't throw error, but the magazine 7.62x51 is not used in any other weapons btw, some of config seems to use Apex items out of #ifdef useAPEX
  15. Small bug : in reward config, "10Rnd_762x51_Mag" is created, but it's not used in vanilla A3 weapons. "10Rnd_762x54_Mag" is for Rahim 7.62mm rifle (srifle_DMR_01_F)
  16. playableUnits is the array of players. find each player in it, and place marker on it, replace markers on new positions every second with while-loop
  17. I have no despawn issue with the latest experimental build. Isn't it caused by your modification?
  18. They don't despawn in my server (though they die in weird stance and they lay after getting close like 10 m or less) How are your setting and other scripts?
  19. I noticed VGS calls EPOCH_server_save_killedVehicle on storing, so I think I need to check it. so the code to add (into EPOCH_server_save_killedVehicle) maybe
  20. So I've made a partial solution for this ghost code 1. To save vehicle data, in epoch_server\init\server_init.sqf add: at the bottom. 2. In epoch_server\compile\epoch_vehicle\EPOCH_load_vehicles.sqf add: at just before the last line "true", to save allVehicles array. 3. Finally, To spawn crashLoot on destruction, in epoch_server/compile/epoch_vehicle/EPOCH_server_save_killedVehicle.sqf, add at the bottom of "if (_vehSlot != "ABORT") then {" block. It will be I dont know how to check vehicles which players just opened its inventory without getting in it, without checking all EPOCH_allVehicles array. Is there any function that treats vehicle contents, when players opend&closed its inventory?
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