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  1. Are they still around destroying servers to gain players on their own? Or has anyone made new anti cheats to stop them. Curious because I miss arma 2 but dont want to waste my time
  2. Hey guys/gals I have released my server once again as of 9/7/18 but with a few changes. Back early this year the server was ranked #1 for 2 months before sadly shutting down. In those 2 months I experienced old CCG Players, old Damaged Gaming players and many more from years ago returning to this game because of my server. DayZ Mod nowadays have been taken over with coin starts and militarized vehicles. I was never fan of this even back in the day and still aren't. I have made my server closely like how CCG used to run their servers but with my own twist. Nowadays nobody is looking at DZLauncher for servers, because they think they are all the same. I am trying to get the word out everywhere possible to show I am running a different server that makes it feel like the old overpoch. People always say how they want that old feeling of dayz and miss the old overpoch, well this is the server for you and its up to the players to get it populated! I hope to see anybody on the server and please feel free to leave comments about the server. Server Features - Name - DAYZ USONIA Oldschool OverPoch|Coins|Missions|Raiding|Day/night| ( Non Militarized Coins (No banks, store coins in safes/lockboxes) Running Zombies Day and 30min of night per restart Raidable bases and plot poles (No base takeovers) F5 Groups Vehicles locator Custom Traders - Bor, staroye, Klen, Bash, Roaming bandit trader, Gem Trader (No stary trader) Custom Military bases - Prig, veresnik, stary, novy lug, berezino, myshkino Custom AI Missions - Each missions will have its own color based on the type of mission - Ikea - Green Armed heli/vehicle - Red Weapon cache - Blue Gold Mission - Gold Chainsaws are ultra rare and can only be found in barns or a rare chance to spawn in a mission crate Vehicle ammo can only be found in black crates 200 Max build parts with 20m max height There are many more server features and if are interested in a full list of features and server rules join us on our discord - Discord.me/DAYZUSONIA Website - dayzusonia.enjin.com
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