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  1. well I do have a Config.BIN. It appears to be protected. I need to unscramble it with a program.
  2. Do i find this in the Server or mission file? thanks.
  3. These are the only options i get when trying to track my server. I am still at a loss of what to do. I really want it to work :( IP or Domain Name: Domain names must resolve to a static ip. Join Port: Query Port: Suggested query port - modify only if you are sure it is incorrect.
  4. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198129297119/
  5. It is an arma 2 server and there is no firewall. That is why i am stuck. not sure what else to do.
  6. I will give Reputation to anyone who helps, thanks.
  7. Hello, i have been trying to get my server on game tracker for weeks now. I keep getting the same errors. I am unsure how to get it to work. Here are my errors. However, it says my server is offline, but it is not... One of the following suggestions may help you: Your server is currently offline. GameTracker needs your server to be online before you can add it to our database. Please restart your server and make sure it's up before hitting ADD SERVER again. You entered the wrong query port. Please update your query port and hit scan again Your server is firewalled.Please turn off any firewall you have that may block scanning or whitelist the gametracker scanning IP addresses:
  8. I have avid experience in adding Sarge AI, DZAI, WAI, Dayz MIssion System, Modifying variables and adding safezones. I would love to help man. Add my Steam or skype.
  9. Hello. I am trying to get WAI working but i keep getting a battle eye error. i get kicked for script restriction #75. I am unsure of what else to do. I am aware that WAI works from the server and not the mission file, is there a way i can have it run off of the mission rather than the server so i can bypass this error? Any help is appreciated, thanks.
  10. Yeah that is it man. Good luck, you can always PM me if you need assistance, or simply add my steam.
  11. I found your post, ok as far as your question on how to install new maps, i use playwithsix. Download play with six and search for the maps you want to play on and download them. It is a simple click to enable or disable them. As far as finding new servers, this forum is perfect for finding new places to play on. just go here: http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/forum/18-a2-community-servers/ if you have any problems, feel free to add me on steam. My Arma account is the Syrian_Soldier one.
  12. You do realize only half of this was about your server? The first half talks about what has been happening to most game servers. I find it pretty amusing the lengths these "admins" are going to defend themselves. I was offered moderator by gunner, i respectfully declined because i do not want to be apart of an abusive staff. Also, you call me disrespectful because i called you out. When you got called out you got very angered. I was in the teamspeak the whole time, i heard everything. Good luck to you and your little server. You have lost some playerbase. You will not be hearing from me or basser again. We do not want to deal with admins banditing, admins teleporting, admins repairing their vehicles with powers, admins who cannot legitimately earn the supplies they get, untruthful admins & incompetent server owner. That being said, you did not even have an account on here until i posted this. You guys are new to arma and it is only natural you guys need to use powers to maybe learn to play. Some of you do not even know how to build a cinderblock wall. Just shows you spawned things in. I am not gonna debate with you. Me and my friend and i am sure players in the future will be upset in the future when they find out how things work there.
  13. After it was posted, i linked it to you. I do not want to deal with you or any of the other members anymore. You have every right to "defend" your server and your "admins". I also have every right to write down my personal experience on the server. I spent a good amount of time typing it. Just take it as a learning experience. Learn from it, fix it. I will have a good time where there are no abusive admins, thanks.
  14. I do not want to Discuss anything with anybody, that is why i posted this here. Easy, simple, no manipulators, no interruptions. end of story.
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