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  1. The weapons them selfs are there, but there's no ammo.
  2. Yeah, I looked through the epochconfig.hpp, but I could not seem to find these two. I'm spawning the CH-64 Huron, the UH-80 Ghost Hawk and the MSE-3 Marid. None of them spawn with neither 6.5 or 12.7.
  3. I want to allow the Gatling 6.5mm ammo in helicopters and the RCWS HMG 12.7mm ammo in APC's on my Epoch-server. Anyone have an easy way to fix this?
  4. That worked! Thanks alot, man! Appreciate it!
  5. Does anyone know how this works on an A3 epoch server?
  6. kangawroon

    Default Loadout

    I just want the new players on my server to respawn with a backpack and some clothes as default. That's all I'm missing to open the server. Anyone know how?
  7. Ok, so I just want the new players and respawns to spawn with a default loadout on my Epoch server. A civilian uniform, a map, a compass and a carryall-backpack. If there is such a thing as "start-crypto", then that would be great as well. Is there a complete and up-to-date method on setting up this?
  8. Thank you very much. Highly appreciated! :)
  9. I've tried searching for this for 2 days now, but I can't seem to find it: - How do I make the food and drink drop slower on my server?
  10. Hi! I'm relatively new to this but I know how to edit the various files on my server and pack/unpack PBO's. I've just bought a Epoch-server and I've already set it up with status bar, ATMs and HS-dealers/blackmarkets. I've tried searching through the forums, but there is a couple of things I so far could not find a decent and concrete solution to: - functioning Safe Zone script with both vehicle and player protection (in/out notifications would be nice). - respawn loadout (default respawn gear) - Getting the server to lock itself for 5 minutes after restart (for all scripts to load, I think) I'm humbly hoping someone out there can help me with at least ONE of these :)
  11. Is this still up to date? Link doesn't work :-/
  12. Thanks alot, bud! That made my day :D
  13. bankTransferTime[] = {0.0006,1.2,0.06}; // {time per crypto,max wait time,min wait time} In what folder/file exactly does this command go into? epochconfig.hpp? I'm using this addon:
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