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  1. How about that? Make Epoch a real survivasl experience again?! I spent like 1000+ hours on playing Epoch 0.2.x and it was the best online time I ever had. I'd like to face something challenging at least once again in my lifetime. Epoch without any rules BUT cheating/hacking and a server that really demands you. No pu**y mode mods, nothing but the pure, clean epoch experience and at least a week of farming with 4 ppl before you can start to build a base!!! That is was made me play ARMA for some thousands of hours. Nowadays its CTI or KOTH but the greatest mod ever "EPOCH" today is just a waste of time, because no one is interested in anything chellenging... best times were on the "skaronator" server. F**k you Ch*** from Inf*****, you're just some kind of disease!!! Get yourself a job and stop to fuck up the community!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. LSxD

    "REAL" Epoch experience

    What happened to this great game? I remember glorious times, times when Epoch wa a real survival game. Needed several players and plenty hours of playtime to build a small base. (v 0.2x was great!) Today everything goes to hell I'm looking for some adequate server: - as much vanilla as possible - no stupid rules or no rules at all - everything destructable - vehicle locktime not more than 2 hours - nothing that makes the game easier than it should be (Blackmarket traders, virtual garages, base cams, indestructable bases and all that bullsh*t) If possible mods that make the game experience even harder: roaming AI hard missions Ryan's Zombies and Demons Nowadays all I can find are pussymode like servers with indesteructable bases and no fun at all. Please don't let Epoch starve by giving bad players a chance to survive...