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  1. Liquid84

    ArmA 2 Epoch

    Hope Dayz Launcher gets update soon. And either remove 106 (old) and 1051 (old as balls) to assist in "herding" the flocks. :)
  2. Liquid84


    Any time, sweet-cheeks!
  3. Liquid84


    @Brody Not to sound like a dick... but man.. I think you need to re-evaluate if running a server is for you or not. Instructions may not be explained to the Copy/paste groups, but It does require some knowledge in the field, or at least... some form of common sense... Just saying, man. I only say this because I've seen your other posts with similar issues.
  4. Liquid84


    I use WAI and have static weapons at different locations. Works awesome. Place your custom static weapon spawns below */ [ [ // Position(s) (can be multiple) [22215.723, 19780.213, 13.0001], [22338.311, 19738.691, 23.540525], [22884.711, 19856.395, 11.0001], [22446.395, 20098.475, 6.8244929], [22893.8,20123.3,0.00158596], [22328.6,20185.3,0.00143862], [22499.5,18999.8,0.00143862], [23054.1,19151.2,0.00143862], [22536.129, 19998.018, 6.6184354], [23064.297, 19371.266, 10.033691] ], "M2StaticMG", // Classname of turret "extreme", // Skill level of unit (easy, medium, hard, extreme, Random) "Random", // Skin classname, use "Random" or classname here "Bandit", // AI Type, "Hero" or "Bandit". "Random", // Primary gun set number. "Random" for random weapon set 9, // Number of magazines "Random", // Backpack classname, use "Random" or classname here "random" // Gearset classname, use "Random" or classname here ] call spawn_static;
  5. Liquid84

    Survivors Log Part 1

    Well done, sir.. well done.
  6. Liquid84

    Supply Drops

    mission init. EpochEvents. Remove which ever goes to your green mission (dayz_server\modules)
  7. Liquid84

    Epoch 1.0.6

    @OMGitzSteveo dayz_code\Configs\CfgLoot
  8. Liquid84

    Epoch 1.0.6

    Thanks to @salival for helping me sort this issue within seconds : 1. Open Infistar's AH.sqf under your "\dayz_server\init" folder and hit CTRL+H 2. Search for the word 'Logic' and replace all instances with 'rabbit' . 3. Save it. Pack it. Boom! Bob's your uncle!
  9. Liquid84

    If You Like To Start Your Own Server

    For a second there I thought I accidentally clicked a BS AD-POPUP... AD-BLOCKED! :)
  10. I would only assume that you are running on 1.0.6 has a fully functioning system for gold bar currency.
  11. Liquid84

    Epoch 1.0.6

    Any luck? I wished I'd have kept my older infi. lol. All these years and I still don't learn to keep backups of the backups...
  12. @looter809 I've tested it over and over again. It works for me and does not revert back previous damage. PM me if you're still running into issues with it. Side note - I'm running it on single currency.