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  1. [RDG]GavinM

    cpc indestructible bases

    THX, I'll give it a try when I get home. I also have another question. Planing on adding a donator trader, how do I set access to a certain humanity or player uid?
  2. [RDG]GavinM

    cpc indestructible bases

    added lines in server_monitor as stated and when server starts it waits for authentication than kicks you. anyhelp woulsd be appreciated
  3. Hi everyone, my names Gavin and i just recently got back into epoch/overpoch and decided to get a server through gtx gaming. i'm not experienced in adding scripts. yes the directions are usually good by i just cant follow along. i'm open and ready to learn. it'd be great if someone could help me along installing some common scripts so i can learn and get the hang of adding scripts myself. Thank you!