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  1. maybe later, there's some people here that don't deserve any help
  2. You can replace some existing skins with overwatch models by defining them as customvariables, but no way of adding it litteraly
  3. Using this in trader zones break the agn zafezones
  4. rotating Z axis would result in lots of different crazy buildings designs
  5. start arma 2 operation arrowhead via steam and activate dayz epoch expansion and you can use F12
  6. Don't know if this go here but i have found an issue that scared me like a shit :D haha when you have walls in your inventory it says the floor description. For a second I thought I had thrown all my work away doing floors instead of walls
  7. I don't see that as a problem, walls can be blowed by shooting them, even locked cinderblocks doors
  8. People doesn't know how to say "thanks" so no more helping on this forum

  9. You need to open 3d editon on epoch main menu with alt+e. To see epoch main menu launch it from a shortcut, or join a server and disconnect from it
  10. Sure i'm wrong but try changing the name in config.cfg to (
  11. Hey Epoch users! I'm like most of you, an university student who likes to make usefull or funny things. I've noticed that here are a few people here who also have the programming as a hobby. So why not we make team to share knowledge and ideas? So this is not to make a mod neither do epoch developers job, just make additions to epoch. Requeriments would be: - want to learn - want to share - want to have fun - basic programming skills or arma 2/dayz editing knowledge (not necesary at all if you want to learn) what do you say?
  12. i like epoch as it is now, but stop with faster actualizations D: i need a week to recustomize my server lol
  13. place a pier dock gound below the tradercity so the zombies don't get in
  14. Developes changed some names of functions or something like that, so if you are summoning from your script it won't work anymore, like the most of scripts made by users lol
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