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  1. I am not asking that, I want all new players and dead ones to spawn in static location (x,y,z) not teleport not in manholes.
  2. Was this solved and if so what did you do?
  3. I have asked couple of questions yesterday and I will wait for a reply but it does feel like I am coming back to this forum too late, it looks like everyone has left or got exiled? :D I see a lot of questions and post but no real effort from anyone in the community to help. Starting to think building a new epoch sever and keeping that community going is going be tougher task than i initially thought.
  4. Is it possible to spawn player in static location, so they select gender and they spawn on a static object I will be creating ? if so what do I need to change? Also does Epoch support player and object addaction? if so where is it best placed? in mission > init file?
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    Drone AI mission ?

    How do I change the drone mission, so that the AI that chases you is different different units? How do I control the frequency of them appearing? I was looking in system and I can see all brains but the drone?
  6. So I have been away from epoch A3 for at least over a year, today decided I would see whats up and proceeded to install a server on my dedicated box (first time I have installed epoch on it) everything went to plan, I went to join my server and it went it and I was asked to select gender them I get this: you were kicked off the game battleye admin ban epochmod autoban before you ask, yes I have never hacked, and this 100% some set up issue of sort! yes it is my server!
  7. Aggro

    CBA + Other Mods

    Thank you RC! CUPS is not something I mentioned in my OP it was something introduced by a user who replied to my question for some reason thought I was talking about CUP. my question is regarding CBA and you kind of answered it! but I just want to make sure if Epoch supports CBA does this mean Epoch BE filters out of the box has all the filters that are required for CBA? and players don't get BE Kicks for using CBA?
  8. Aggro

    CBA + Other Mods

    I think you are confusing CBA with CUP! two different things! and I am not asking if it is supported or not, I don't expect any third party addon to be supported by others, I am asking if it is compatible or not.
  9. Aggro

    CBA + Other Mods

    I am confused ! so you answered yes but sent me changelog that doesnt mention anything about CBA or EM?
  10. Aggro

    CBA + Other Mods

    I have been away from epoch for some times, I am wondering if epoch A3 is compatible with CBA and other mods that require CBA, ones that come to mind are few that are health systems and enhanced movement , etc etc ..
  11. The only thing from my experience with snow maps is you have to be careful with green, I started similar project but at much smaller scale and stopped, the mix of tropical green and snow looked really strange and with the feedback I was getting I wished I went for mix of dark trees and snowy trees, and rocks similar to that used on Namalsk! I might take another go at it especially with all the new objects Tanoa update brought, Last time I tired to install the tools it kept crashing on my computer for some reason!
  12. Great job man! this is exactly what arma need, it would be awesome if it was to include overgrown feel and sound effects similar to namalsk , we are all tired of the pretty looking maps :D + watching this !!!
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