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  1. case "tanoa":{ [ [[8938.76,10192.8],0,"Tanouka"], [[9524.8,13587.4],0,"La Rochelle"], [[5769.75,11175.4],0,"Saint Julien"], [[1843.12,12028.6],0,"Tuvanaka"], [[2593.05,7389.09],0,"Balavu"], [[5486.18,4045.46],0,"Katkoula"], [[9356.75,4053.51],0,"Moddergat"], [[10913.2,6305.68],0,"Kotomo"], [[13419.1,12091.4],0,"Blue Pearl"], [[12283.2,13978.9],0,"Ipota"] ] }; but when i include this "Custom Spawn Dialog with Gear & HALO Selection, moving Map, Credits, Custom spawns and more ..." Script my game dont save any more.
  2. I have dont need any position. I have only include the trader and it has every server restart the correct position.
  3. It work fine. Thank you for your list and you little Tutorial to extract the Class names.
  4. How can i find the New houses from Tanoa and add this for looting? Sorry for my bad English
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