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  1. i know it comes across as yet another server owner with no clue asking the same questions from a DEV's perspective over and over. Hell I don't blame them for being saturated with these types of requests. So i will keep posting on this forum until someone decides to help. I am willing to pay a donation for someone to teamview into my private server and do the upgrade without breaking it. Let me know guys. regards o/
  2. i posted a message in A2 ask a dev waiting to see if anyone wants to help. no clue of the site protocols etc...
  3. ah yes but who too there are lots of people on there i dont know no point standing about like a spare tool in a tool box thought it may be better to state that i had followed these instructions on this thread
  4. Hello I am still hoping for some help with this to overpoch server upgrade. If anyone out there is still willing to help. I joined the discord as suggested. regards
  5. Hello I joined the epoch discord. username Arkaros42 got the server setup next to the discord computer.
  6. i appreciate that however I'm not confident enough to try that by myself. my server is stuffed with many files I've added over the years. many custom constructions built ingame (two massive runways (battle platforms) out at sea and many many player bases. Just not certain all I'm going to do is break it, then it will all have been a waste of many many hours... i can do a lot by myself. sql coding etc, configuration, but its so long between server installs I forget the rest of the stuff involved in the upgrade as the knowledge fades in memory with time...
  7. really would like to get to that without breaking my server. I have cloned the server drive using hdrawcopy so i have a complete copy of the whole system now. Hoping some one who knows what they are doing can help me. I have big plans for this server we've been developing it for three years now with lots of new ideas and features (battle platforms for one) but its not getting enough traffic because the version has slipped behind. 10 000 000 in gold and a building supply drop to anyone who can help me. If anyone out theres wants to get into development with me and my friends we'd love some help with a few exciting things kind regards
  8. hoorah!!!! i have a private server if I installed teamviewer would you be able to remote in regards james
  9. Hello peeps, I have a live overpoch server which I've been working on for years. 'AFTERMATH SCOTLAND' would anyone be willing to help me upgrade it to regards o/
  10. all well that ends well! two days of learning how to fix 2012 r2 server and i finally got the server back! yehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! not an epoch error a 2012 r2 server boot error thank the blue monkey for that i was about to give it up for good. i even got the database back best of all worlds....
  11. well thats the thing i did have it backed up four times on three different drives, something has been corrupting my hard disks. I don't know what caused it. maybe a virus! I just know that three backups on two different pcs have been lost.. As I said it just doesn't seem fair...
  12. in pursuit of my own epoch server. I spend nearly 2 years of my life learning all this and setting it up. However i have to thank certain excellent folks on this forum for helping me. I dilligently work at it and slowly ever slowly get there at long frustrating last. Yes i can see it on the horizon I shall have an epoch server of my own. Then one day my wish comes true and sure enough it begins. But it's only a beginning mind, I've still got to spend months adding scripts and building everything in the editor, working almost every day at it! Months pass and then it is done too. Now I have built it and surely they will come. Weeks pass with a live server then months and nobody comes. I almost give up at this point because its pointless without players to interact with it. More time passes its been over 2 years of smashing my head off this bloody thing! I am about to walk away, more time wasted, another lesson learned. I stop concentrating on the sever and strangely a few days ater there are some players and slowly like some snowball it gains a life and size of its own. In amazement i start working with it helping people out doing admin things and enabling peeps to have fun. From here it goes from strength to strength and suddenly all the frustration and learning and time seems worth it. Now my server population peaks at 15-20 players per day and relationships are being forged and now its definetely all worth it. I am truly content... This story is now in the present. This morning my main server drive and back up drive were corrupted and I have been left with nothing... All my work gone, server custom content the players constructions EVERYTHING!!! I want to explode with frustration but what good would that do!?! I can't put it back by myself and right now I just don't have the strength or heart left to try... somewhere out there on the internet players who were having fun and loving my effort are wondering what happened to the server and the admin who ran it it doesn't seem fair somehow....
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