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    new villian?

    If a player dies so run back to the corpse.Could be inserted there canibal after 2 to 5 minutes spawnen and the corpse or eat whole group. If you are disturbed, they attack you.
  2. I can also confirm that the uav no noise when discover And the spawns of the npc is also funny so the spawen just 2 meters away from me
  3. Now I am afraid and have 2 kinds of liquids in my pants
  4. You could survive by looting the buildings or you can survive by nature. So opaltaltar for maintain, buildings of wood, self-made weapons. More weapons separated between civilian and military. I agree with the less ammunition there. Producible ammunition such as arrows or ammo for matchlock and flintlock rifle. Black market which is never shown on the map, is hidden,is extremely expensive and after each server restart is elsewhere Event building, for example, a factory with a cool house with ammonia as a coolant. You can find a lot of food and drink but there is danger the ammonia leak. This can happen over time and by bullet in chimney, tanks. When then happens in building fog you can see nothing the temperatures go into the under 0 you can freeze and ammonia is toxic you need gas mask. Grow food yourself. more antagonists for exaple: Monkeys to which you have tested high-potency drugs. You can not know the ape from open windows climb. Or animals that are mottled by radioactive radiation.
  5. unconscious If you have 50 blood pressure or less so it can happen that you become unconscious.
  6. I have big confidence that you can do it!
  7. So I also have such an idea. For example the refrigerator or cooler when you shoot it or after time Lose your coolant (ammonia). Or similar refrigerated warehouses. First it is toxic and secondly if one has gas mask can one still freeze and by the smoke you can see nothing. This can also be used tactically
  8. So I use blender with script for opening the file.
  9. because you can also skiing or dog sled?
  10. idea for oil latern:1 empty can .1 burlap and oil. turn on with lighter and after 3 hours you must refill the latern
  11. I tell my ideas for epoch new weapons:I try with blender modling but i can´t import to oxygen 2 so i give you my prototypes is not done yet,because i learn it. Volksturmgewehr: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2PXTFaiSMInTVZVV0ZtQkFvZTA/view?usp=sharing i try to modi to use 7.62x39 mp3008: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2PXTFaiSMInNFNneFRGRmJ6ZDA/view?usp=sharing use 9mm rounds. typ63(chinese gun):https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2PXTFaiSMInTlhaT1NfeTRmZ2c/view?usp=sharing use 7.62x39 German grenade WWII:https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2PXTFaiSMIndmtxaE45RGtGOXc/view?usp=sharing For the grenade i have idea,when six grenade and lumber so can crafted improvised explosive charge. Craftable backpack: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2PXTFaiSMInaTk3a1BvN3hyNU0/view?usp=sharing You can craft with 1x burlap,4 sticks and 3 ropes.
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