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    JasonTM got a reaction from phlvx in [RELEASE] WAI 2.2.6   
    The mission marker colors are based on mission difficulty. If you want to change to AI type (Hero and Bandit), then change this block of code:
    To this:
    _color = call { if(_missionType == "MainHero") exitWith {"ColorRed"}; if(_missionType == "MainBandit") exitWith {"ColorGreen"}; }; Also change these:
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    JasonTM got a reaction from DIO in (Help required) Losing humanity on some missions   
    If you only want to gain humanity, then just run the Bandit missions. Set this entry to 0.
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    JasonTM got a reaction from DIO in [RELEASE] Epoch Server Events   
    These events have been audited and tested to work on 1.0.7. The loot selection could use some work though.
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    JasonTM got a reaction from DIO in Animated Crash Spawner   
    This event has been updated for 1.0.7.
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    JasonTM got a reaction from Schalldampfer in [RELEASE] WAI 2.2.6   
    I have uploaded the fix for the exploding patrol vehicles.  Just replace the whole file called vehicle_patrol.sqf. For some reason the update to CfgAISkill in 1.0.7 is causing the driver and the gunner to exit the vehicle when shot at. This fix prevents them from leaving the vehicle.
    Remember that the vehicle is designed to go up in flames by setting damage to full when both the driver and the gunner are dead. If you do not want the vehicle to do this then edit function wai_monitor_ai_vehicles. Take out the setDamage part.
    So it's like this:
    wai_monitor_ai_vehicles = { { local _vehicle = _x; if (alive _vehicle && ({alive _x} count crew _vehicle > 0)) then { _vehicle setVehicleAmmo 1; _vehicle setFuel 1; }; } count _this; };  
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    JasonTM got a reaction from DIO in [RELEASE] Epoch Admin Tools V-1.10.7 "Test Branch"   
    I have a pull request in with @NoxSicarius. I am waiting for him to merge my updates.
    This version of Epoch Admin Tools is still considered "test branch" until Nox says otherwise. I spent a great deal of time fixing and updating files. Everything works with a few minor exceptions. Those are listed below.
    Complete install instructions and changlog provided in my github repo. Download Here.
    Once Noxsicarius merges my updates, I will change the github link.
    New Features
    Admin tools can be activated with hotkeys rather than with the traditional self-action loop. Hotkey activation is turned on by default. Server-side AI spawner. You can choose hero/bandit ai, select the spot on the map where they spawn, and receive humanity gain/loss and bandit/human kills. Server-side crate spawning to avoid Battleye kicks from the new BEserver.cfg settings. Nox's debug monitor integrated - toggled with Ins key. Dynamic text messages added as an option to safezone script. Toggle grass on/off added as an option to player action menu Set view distance added as an option to player action menu. Players can adjust view distance from 1000-5000 meters in 500 meter increments. Base manager fixed and updated with new dialogs. Still does not work with vectors though. That is a tough update. The graphical vehicle spawn menu has been upgraded so you can choose between all vehicles and Epoch only vehicles. Mods can only spawn Epoch vehicles. The old vehicle system has been removed. Keybinds
    F2 - Activate admin tools (if enabled by setting variable EAT_AdminMenuHotkey to true) F4 - Admin mode/mod mode options - when toggled on F6 - Cancel spectate 4 - Admin teleport 5 - Teleport player to admin 6 - Teleport to player 7 - Enhanced ESP options - when toggled on U - Unlock vehicle/safe/lockbox/door L - Lock vehicle/safe/lockbox/door J - Display object information in systemchat Del - Delete object Ins - Toggle Debug Tab - Activate action menu (if enabled by setting variable EAT_ActionMenuHotkey to true) Shift+w - Fastwalk or vehicle boost - when enabled q,w,a,s,d, and space bar are used if flying is toggled on Additional Information and Issues
    I have updated pretty much all of the files in this mod. As far as I can tell they run completely error free. There are a couple of issues though.
    The Base Manager does not work with vectors. I tried to get it to work, but the fix eluded me. It will take someone with more knowledge of the vector system to fix it.
    The GUI based building spawner is a bit wonky. Sometimes the buildings will spawn too far away from the player and the 20 meter build range deletes the building. This system should probably have its own build function. The building selection also needs improvement.
    In order to use the GUI based building spawner you will have to disable a couple of lines in createvehicle.txt. I did not add all of the buildings as exceptions to this file.
    The Battleye filters have been updated for DayZ Epoch Please report any kicks that you get while using the admin tools in this topic. If you are using other mods, then you will have to updates these files or merge them.
    You can adjust the humanity and delete times of the ai in EAT_serverAiSpawn.sqf with these two variables: EAT_HumanityGainLoss and EAT_aiDeleteTimer.
    Note on the base manager: This line in BEserver.cfg will kick you if you try to make too large of a dome with the copy function. MaxCreateVehiclePerInterval 150 1 You either need to increase the value or avoid making large domes with the copy function.
    There are far too many updates and fixes to list here. It would be a mile long. A fairly complete list is in my change log on github.
    If you notice any problems post them here.
    @NoxSicarius - lead developer - Nox's credits are in the github readme.
    @ViktorReznov - code for the getobjectinfo function that is activated with the J key.
    @BigEgg help in Discord with medical public variables - used in heal players function.
    @ebayShopper solution for deleting handgun - used in admin weapon spawning function. Mod detection method.
    If I forgot anyone, I'm sorry. I'm tired while posting this.
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    JasonTM got a reaction from deik in need help   
    ExecVM format["\z\addons\dayz_server\WAI\static\%1.sqf",(["sector","sector2","sector3"] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom)];
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    JasonTM reacted to Airwaves Man in Backspace key causing white sceen and kick.   
    Commet out in your anticheat.sqf the Command Menu lines.
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    JasonTM got a reaction from Aslan247 in ROB BANK   
    Taking "full credit" for copy/pasting code?
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    JasonTM got a reaction from jjsnacks77 in [RELEASE] WAI 2.2.6   
    That error message means you have a bad weapon classname. You don't need to add the Overwatch weapons. They are already loaded from this file. https://github.com/worldwidesorrow/WICKED-AI/blob/master/WAI/configs/overwatch.sqf
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    JasonTM got a reaction from DIO in [Video Tutorials] How to Install and Configure Stuff   
    Some time ago I started a youtube channel doing DayZ Epoch tutorials. Surprisingly, my DayZ Epoch server install video has amassed over 2500 views (and people say this game is dead).
    Here are some updated videos for There are other videos on my channel that are still relevant.
    How to Install a DayZ Epoch Server
    Things you will need to download:
    PBO Manager
    MySQL Community Server 5.7.22
    Notepad++ SQF Highlighter (optional, but highly recommended)
    How to Upgrade Your DayZ Epoch Server to an Overpoch Server
    Things you will need to download:
    Overwatch Server Key
    Overwatch mission.sqm (to copy and paste from)
    My Overpoch Loot Tables
    My Non-ZSC Overpoch Trader Files
    Midget Porn (Just kidding)
    How to Install Epoch Admin Tools
    Do not install these with infistar.
    How to Install Wicked AI for DayZ Epoch and Overpoch
    How to install infistar admin tools/antihack and infistar's free BRC rcon tool
    Fix for the unfortunate error in infistar v1448
    How to make Battleye filter exceptions for Infistar and other mods
    Eraser1's scripts.txt Exception Generator
    Ebay's Guide to Battleye Filters
    How to Install Ebay's Testkit
    Battleye Filter Tutorial using Ebay's Testkit and infistar's BRC rcon tool
    Server Install: Troubleshooting "session lost" and "wait for host" type issues.
    How to install BattlEye Extended Controls for automatic restarts
    I am planning on doing more of these when I get time.
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    JasonTM got a reaction from 619BlackHawk619 in Safezone tk_ac_kick   
    If you are using Epoch Admin Tools or the Test Kit comment out this line: https://github.com/worldwidesorrow/Epoch-Admin-Tools/blob/TestBranch/AdminTools/AntiCheat/antiCheat.sqf#L54
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    JasonTM got a reaction from Schalldampfer in Can't get WAI to work   
    Yes, he was missing that file. I added it back to his server PBO and sent it on Discord.
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    JasonTM reacted to Schalldampfer in Can't get WAI to work   
    Do you have $PBOPREFIX$ file in the folder?
    I caught the same kind of error, because that the file is lost on unpacking.
    the contents is simple:
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    JasonTM got a reaction from Mig in [PROBLEM] Infistar Safezone - BE: Script Restrinction 3   
    This is a guide I made for dealing with Battleye exceptions when adding mods and scripts to your server.
    You should also be using BigEgg's updated safezone script.
    I have other videos on my youtube channel that you might find useful.
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    JasonTM got a reaction from GodZilla in Need a lil help pls. Cash for zombieKill / zombieheadshots or cash for kill a tank   
    Apply your edits to this file. https://github.com/EpochModTeam/DayZ-Epoch/blob/master/SQF/dayz_code/compile/veh_handleKilled.sqf
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    JasonTM got a reaction from salival in Why 'dayz_rollingMessages' not work?   
    You cannot localize and concatenate the strings server side. Doing that will localize to the server's location, not the client. The string names and arguments have to be sent to the client. I wrote a function for the remote messaging system that will detect localized strings and format them if they are sent as an array with arguments.
    Add %1 to the "Combo kill level" string and include the exclamation point.
    <Key ID="STR_CL_AC_GENERAL_SON"> <English>You killed the general son!</English> <Russian>Вы убили сына генерала!</Russian> </Key> <Key ID="STR_CL_AC_COMBO"> <English>Combo kill level %1!</English> <Russian>Комбо x %1!</Russian> </Key> I'm not quite sure of your code to send the messages. Rolling messages are not set up for multi-dimensional arrays so two messages will have to be sent. This code should work if I understand what you are trying to do. One message will appear over the top of the other instead of on one line.
    if (random 100 > 90) then { RemoteMessage = ["rollingMessages","STR_CL_AC_GENERAL_SON"]; (owner _player) publicVariableClient "RemoteMessage"; }; _newLvl = 333; // for example RemoteMessage = ["rollingMessages",["STR_CL_AC_COMBO",_newLvl]]; (owner _player) publicVariableClient "RemoteMessage";  
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    JasonTM got a reaction from Airwaves Man in ROB BANK   
    Taking "full credit" for copy/pasting code?
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    JasonTM got a reaction from salival in ROB BANK   
    Taking "full credit" for copy/pasting code?
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    JasonTM got a reaction from Mig in ROB BANK   
    Taking "full credit" for copy/pasting code?
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    JasonTM got a reaction from Schalldampfer in ROB BANK   
    Taking "full credit" for copy/pasting code?
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    JasonTM got a reaction from Gromillla in [RELEASE] WAI 2.2.6   
    Wicked AI 2.2.6
    This release is for DayZ Epoch/Overpoch
    <<<Download Here>>>
    Due to reports of poor performance on high population servers. I have rewritten this mod so it runs more efficiently.
    Most of the work is code optimization and bug fixes, but I did add some new features.
    Review of changes
    Each mission only spawns one thread with one loop unless it has a para-drop, then it spawns two. The patrol missions also spawn two threads for now. The mission files no longer suspend, waiting for the mission to complete to spawn the crate loot and remove the mission data. The minefield feature no longer spawns an individual thread for each mine. It uses a player check radius. Players in vehicles receive a bold red warning when they are 200 meters from the edge of a mine field. Optional mission vehicle entry messages. Improved mission clean up. All mission objects and data are deleted including unclaimed vehicles and AI unit groups. The AI monitor loop has been replaced by a modified version of the server scheduled function sched_corpses. AI vehicles no longer spawn their own vehicle monitoring threads. It is all handled in the mission thread in a queue. The invisible static gun glitch has been fixed. The static spawns have a dedicated monitoring loop much like the mission system. One loop manages all vehicles and deletes AI unit groups. Where possible, I moved commonly used code blocks to compiled functions. I made a few new missions - hero outpost, bandit outpost, and farmer. Captured MV-22, medical camp, and weapon cache missions have been reworked for improved aesthetics and/or functionality. Rewritten auto claim feature that is fully integrated. Boat patrols - examples in the static mission files. Redundant and\or unnecessary code has been removed from some of the files. I cleaned up and standardized the formatting in the mission files and elsewhere. Helicopters for AI drops and patrols start at a random distance of 3k to 4k away from the mission instead of way down by debug island. Added a new check for mission locations. As they are used, positions get added to an array and checked in find_position.sqf, so missions will not spawn in the same spot twice. Optional indestructible mission vehicles. The AI and mission clean up times and spawn schedule in config.sqf have been converted to minutes for easier reading. Fixed an issue with the spawn time delays in the mission init file. Adjusted the distance the vehicles spawn from the crate so there is no trouble with accessing gear when near a locked vehicle. You can disable static gun placements, vehicle patrols, and paratrooper drops on missions with variables in config.sqf AI numbers have been standardized on all missions. You can adjust the numbers. Easy = 5-10, Medium = 10-15, Hard = 15-20, Extreme = 20-25. I removed the cache units feature because it spawns a thread with a monitoring loop for each unit group and it only works on ground troops. I moved the Dynamic Text mission announcements up the screen and made the text a little smaller so it is not so overwhelming. Added a second dynamic text option for the minefield warnings. Fixed the "auto-repair" glitch on mission vehicles. This also fixes the inability to repair mission vehicles due to the hitpoint variables not being set. Notes
    The AK_74 and RPK_74 variants have been disabled in config.sqf until the patch because the 45rnd 5.45mm magazine was removed in the A2 OA 1.64 corepatch and they post errors to the logs. The format of the missions has changed, so if you have your own custom missions they will have to be adjusted. I have updated the mission example file and created a new mission example file for a single spawn point mission. They are heavy on comments to help server owners create their own missions. I have left extensive comments throughout the updated files if you want to understand more about how the updated code and functions work. Since this is a major coding overhaul, this release will not be merged into the main github repository until all potential bugs, errors, and incompatibilities have been corrected. Please report errors, discrepancies, and general weirdness in this topic.
    Also, most of the files have been altered, so please use this version as a base and merge your custom files into it, paying attention to the changes.
    Optional Mission Vehicle Entry Messages
    If you turn this option on players will get a message that says either "You have claimed this vehicle! It is now saved to the database." or "WARNING: This vehicle will be deleted at restart!" depending on if you have vehicle hive saving turned on or not. This feature can be toggled with this variable:
    Indestructible Mission Vehicles
    This option will disable the damage handlers on mission vehicles until a player enters them. It can be toggled on and off with this variable:
    Avoid Same Spot
    This option will prevent a mission spawning in the same spot twice by adding the position to an array. The find position function will check that a new position will not be selected that is within 200 meters of one that was previously used.
    Enable/Disable Static Gun Placements, Vehicle Patrols, and Paradrops
    I added this feature for scalability and because someone asked for it. These are the variables to set true or false.
    The original author of the auto-claim feature is no longer a part of this community. I wrote my own version of it which is fully integrated. I never really used this mod myself in the past, so please let me know if I need to add features that were there previously.
    Boat Patrols
    There is really no difference between a boat patrol and a land vehicle patrol other than the classname of the vehicle the fact that they spawn offshore. I have placed examples in the static mission files and I left my Skalisty Island test boat patrols commented in the chernarus.sqf file. To activate them, enable the static_per_world feature in config.sqf and remove the comments from this section:
    When creating boat patrols you should make sure that the distance you place them offshore is at least the distance of the radius used for waypoints, otherwise the waypoints will be on land and the AI might not handle the boat correctly.
    Mission Cleanup
    All mission data and mission objects will be removed from the map after mission completion or mission timeout, including the ai unit groups and unclaimed mission vehicles. You can remove the crates from cleanup if  you want them to remain on the map for looting by toggling this variable to false:
    If a player is within 75 meters of the crate, it will not be deleted as it is assumed that it is still being looted.
    To "claim" a mission vehicle, a player simply has to get into it and it will not be deleted.
    Invisible Static Gun Glitch
    Credit to salival for discovering that this was a JIP issue and the fix is to have the AI get out and back into the static gun at regular intervals. During testing, I could not even see this happening unless I added a sleep, so players shouldn't notice.
    Static Spawn Manager
    Instead of having each static spawned group and vehicle spawn its own monitoring thread, the data is added to a multi-dimensional array and monitored in one loop. The monitor is spawned from the static init.sqf file and will shut down when all null AI groups have been removed from the array.
    The Overwatch configs have been moved to its own file in the configs folder. The file is not loaded unless the Overwatch mod is detected.
    According to KillZone Kid and other Arma super nerds, when selecting random things from arrays, it is faster to use a statement like this: selection = array select (floor (random (count array))); instead of calling BIS_fnc_selectRandom. I replaced several instances in files where it is called repeatedly like dynamic crate and group spawning. This might save a millisecond or two :).
    That is all of the updates I can think of right now. If I can remember more, I will add them.
    Thanks to @MerlijnD and @LadyVal for testing my initial files.
    Credit to @salivalfor the invisible static gun glitch fix.
    Credit to @ibenfor the original IWAC.
    Credit to @BigEgg for the localization solution
    Credit to @Schalldampfer for testing and finding bugs
    Credit to @Grahame for assistance in discord with mission vehicle spawning issue
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    JasonTM got a reaction from WeepiestLem0n in [RELEASE] WAI 2.2.6   
    The mission marker colors are based on mission difficulty. If you want to change to AI type (Hero and Bandit), then change this block of code:
    To this:
    _color = call { if(_missionType == "MainHero") exitWith {"ColorRed"}; if(_missionType == "MainBandit") exitWith {"ColorGreen"}; }; Also change these:
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    JasonTM got a reaction from DIO in DayZ Mission System (DZMS) for Overpoch   
    @VoltanI posted the new update to my github. I ended up adding a couple of new options: mission vehicle keys and remove damage handlers on mission vehicles until the mission is complete and players enter them.
    This update works on both Overpoch and Epoch without doing anything. The mods are detected and DZMS adjusts itself.
    I will probably work on this some more later and get with Vampire about pushing some updates to his repo if he wants them.
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    JasonTM reacted to Schalldampfer in [Outdated] Custom Attachments   
    As I wanted to make attachments attach/detachable to AK107 and SCARs, I have customized attachments system a bit.
    You can attach attachments from right clink action on  attachments / detach from that on weapons with these scripts;
    1. add these two scripts in DayZ_Epoch_**.map\Custom folder:
    * these scripts are based on vanilla DayZ Epoch's attachment system. not original
    2. Add these lines in your clickAction config
    The array in DZE_attachmentList is ['Attachment_item','Attached_weapon','Base_weapon'] . You can use any item and any weapon.
    BTW, I hope SCARs and AK107s will be included in next DayZ Epoch update, as we already have their variant with iron sight. 
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