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    Buenos Aires,Argentina
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    I Like soccer,zombies && girls. Strategyc games, dont care that shit about greats 3D graphics i can play so well Carmen San Diego.And i Like NoFX,Ramones,SexPistols and blabla

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Live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. And i like this communty, a lot of greater scripter of arma2 code. and people who wanna learn like me!

I have almos 1 year in this comunity and meet a lot of guys who always help me, like @theduke, @Cherdenko, @icomrade @Grahame @vbawol @Hooty @oldmatechoc @WagnerMello @looter809 @A Man @LunatikCH@Bricktop @BigEgg @seelenapparat @Shawn @creativv  @NoxSicarius and others that cant remember just right now.