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  1. Dude no need to be salty, I am newer to this and look through the forums but a lot of that didn't make sense mainly because at that time I was not very familiar with what they were saying. You should work on being salty somewhere else
  2. Could you help me find the line 4? and do i remove 5 "box" !="DebugBoxPlayer_DZ" !"MedBox" !="AmmoBoxSmall_556"?
  3. TBH i have no idea how to find and do that xD
  4. Hello, I need help with building custom traders and adding stuff to traders, i watched a few youtube videos and read a few forums on it but non of them worked. Halp plox
  5. lol ok, i really dont wanna mess this up xD
  6. I will be honest i am new to this admin/scripting thing, is this as simple as it gets? xD
  7. Hello, I bought a GTX server then bought infistar and put it on my server, everything works great but when i spawn in the crates at the bottum for the spawn it menu everything spawns outside the box and causes lag, any help with a fix to this would be great. It is an overpoch server fyi.
  8. Hey man im kind of a new server owner and would love some help with map editing, if you are willing to help add me on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/dacinibun
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