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  1. i will downlaod both and see which one is better i guess. then i might try that server out:)
  2. >implying i believe a server abuser. how many darn admins do you guys have anyways??? 3-4? seems a bit much for a smal-playerbase server. it always only seems to be admins on there. yus i chked the stats that he posted. the link thing
  3. That would be a great idea but sounds super duper hard to script. maybe make it an optional feature in the server
  4. and ya i even if they were, which i do not have many doubts that they were abusing...they should just fix it rather than keep denying it. anyways, that is my take on reading all of this.
  5. From reading what bentley said, it is stated that YOU bam, was 1 of the main abusers. I find you kind of smug for even trying to defend your position here, seeing that you are not even the owner. I have been keeping up with this topic for a few days now, this is GOLD. how is Bentley immature for posting on the forums? it appears he took his time of what he was looking for in the server then joined yours just to see admins abusing. I kind of think he did the right thing in writing it here. however i am not so sure it belongs in off topic but idk where else he would post it. i am new here myself.
  6. is it this? http://withsix.com/
  7. Hi bentley. I have been keeping up with this topic and i am gonna have to agree with you on this, admins who do that are lame. I am really really new to the game and am actually looking for new servers to join and i also do not know how to download new maps and play on them. I was wondering if you could please help me on finding a good server and teach me how to install the new maps? I created a topic if you can respond to that.
  8. How do i get takistan to work? if i can, i will join.
  9. Hello, i am a new player looking to find a good server to play on. anybody have any suggestions?
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