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  1. Hello all, one of the annoying things in epoch is a missing "Family" feature (call it what you want): Now, you can either give full access to any group member to all safes and to the whole base - but its not possible to play in a group together for one day (means: to join a party) without giving them access to everything you have. Exile-mode solved this mess by adding "Families". "Family" members have full access to base and safes. But non-dependend to this you can also join any other group without having access etc., too. Means you can see your groupmebers on the map and can distinguish between groupmember and non-groupmember....
  2. All right, I can do the 3d models for inventory, if you do the rest. No idea how it works but at least it looks like there is no time-limit anyways, so... Really, Basebuilding was one of the best features in the Epoch Arma II, everyone liked it. And now Exile sadly is shooting ahead...even if Epoch with better pve/AI and Zeds is much more fun. Elaborate and develope the futuristic EPOCH storyline as its really a good job so far. Just don't it stop please...
  3. Hello all, there are terrible less Items for basebuilding: - no fences, no barb-wirefences, no metal sheds ....etc - no doors, just garage cinderwalls... - no windows - no lamps - ... etc. The solarstuff is a great idea - but what for if you can't use it for anything else but charging! - where are all the connection conceps (fuelpumps, lamps, repairstations etc) with wire and stuff? I really wonder why EPOCH Arma 3 mod has less featuers than the awesome EPOCH Arma 2 mod. Sadly the developement is very slow here, other mods like Exile also support connected video-cameras in the meanwhile...too bad. I love zeds in Epoch much more than in Exile, also the big variety of roaming AI. And also that its necessary to loot AI to survive (dependencies) instead of just "milking" traders At least items and dependencies for base-buildings could be improved to keep up longtime motivation to play this mod and have much more fun...as a minimum I think.
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