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  1. Base raiding should be one of the highlights of the game, trashing someone's base and stealing all their shit should be the reward you get after the sort of drawn-out battle you'll fondly remember on your deathbed, it should be absolutely fucking epic. Having it happen while you are offline is such a damp squib. All these games in the same vein as Epoch have the same issue, I don't have the answer but whoever comes up with it is going to have a solid gold winner on their hands.
  2. Add this to the end of the 2nd line in scripts.txt !"[_pY * safezoneH + safezoneY, 1 * safezoneH + safezoneY], _tm, _FadeIn ] spawn BIS_fnc_dynamicText;"
  3. Yeah, from my limited understanding rap-ing the file (man that just looks wrong written down) just rejigs it into a format that makes it a little easier for arma to use but it will work regardless of whether it's rap-ed or not (there has to be better terminology than this).
  4. This is the 4 hourly scheduler I'm using, you'll probably have to change the path on the setauto.bat lines
  5. You only want to install the steamcmd line not the full thing. I used this guide to set up my dedi server http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?147537-Tutorial-How-to-run-ArmA3-on-a-dedicated-server it's pretty comprehensive and fairly straightforward.
  6. Could make it an opt-in thing. Player buys a manhunt ticket at the ATM, value of ticket goes up every minute by some value multiplied by the no. of players on the server. Ticket broadcasts rough location marker every 5 minutes, after an hour the ticket becomes valid can be cashed back in at any ATM or held onto while it increases in value.
  7. Go into batch_lib/core/server_keepalive.bat and add a different number after every CRITiCAL ERROR - REVIEW BELOW line from 465 onward, that should highlight which one is causing the error.
  8. When you take damage it shows 7 or 8 decimal places and pushes the restart time to a new line, if you change the width to 1.25 it seems to be fine.
  9. It's in the mission file, mpmissions/epoch.altis.pbo, unpack it and change the forceRotorLibSimulation setting to 0 and then repack everything
  10. Feckin' typical, spent two days banging my head against the wall before posting, fix the issue 5 minutes later. For what it's worth I verified the game cache for the arma server and it appeared to update the steam_appid.txt file and everything worked after that.
  11. Hi, I've been trying to set up Epoch to run locally for messing about with and testing but I'm having an issue with getting kicked from the server with an error in my rpt saying: Server error: Player without identity theirongiant (id xxxxxxxxxx). Tried googling around without much luck, can anyone throw me a bone as to what the issue might be, as I feel that I'm missing something obvious? Cheers
  12. Yeah, that's my understanding of it. Haven't attempted to use timeDifference so can't say from 1st hand experience but I'd imagine that is how it would work.
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