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  1. that didnt help, values are not changing, even when placed above the events. Any other idea?
  2. sry for this late reply, you deserve all my beans ;-)
  3. sry, didnt saw your post. good point, will check it and report back asap.
  4. zulu

    Trader Vehicle

    afaik this is a common issue when buying vehicles cuz they spawn always at the same position. one thing you can do is - will not solve your problem - use a script that teleports your vehicles out of the safe/buyzone" after restart. another idea is to check the responsible script that will spawn bought vehicles and add a random offset. sry, cant help you more, its above my level of coding. Good luck, Z.
  5. Hello, i have encountered a strange behavior when lowering the DZE_BuildingLimit = 150; to DZE_BuildingLimit = 10; When trying to build something it says "cannot build too many objects within 30m". But there is nothing build, nor there's a plotpole. Any idea?
  6. Hello, i'd like to change a variable defined in the init dynamicly. i execute a script in the init.sqf (checkhum.sqf) which checks players humanity and if humanity is greater 10K values of "DZE_selfTransfuse_Values" should be raised. checkhum.sqf: (called from inside the !is_dedicated brackets ) private['_hum']; _hum=(player getVariable["humanity",0]); if(_hum > 10000) then { DZE_selfTransfuse_Values = [12000, 15, 300] } else { DZE_selfTransfuse_Values = [1000, 15, 300] }; My humanity is above 10K, but selfTransfuse_value is 1000, 15,300 and not 12000,15,300 as expected. I also tried if( (player getVariable["humanity",0]) > 10000) then {.... but without success. What am i doing wrong?
  7. Hi raymix, thanks again for your help. I dont wont to disable the debug at all but like to show annauncements and then the debug again. Is that possible with "bis_fnc_dynamic text"? Will do some research.... edit: i think i found what i was looking for herehttp://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/11573-solution-always-on-debug-monitor-with-dzms-hintsilent-messages/
  8. Hello, i would like to show mission/event announcements instead of my debugmonitor ( for a period of time). So when a mission or event starts, the debug should go away, and the announcement should be shown for a few seconds. Currently the event announcement is flashing up for a second. I tried to add "sleep 5;" to the remote-script, but it didnt work. Can anyone please help me? _hint = parseText format["<t align='center' color='#FFFF66' shadow='2' size='1.75'>Attention</t><br/><t align='center' color='#ffffff'>Mission description!</t>"]; customRemoteMessage = ['hint', _hint]; publicVariable "customRemoteMessage";
  9. OK, thanks for your help and rating.
  10. Hi raymix, thanks for your reply and you're right, its not a really a beast at all.... ;-) my view distance is set to 1500 but what is "object view distance"? never heard about that. to have an idea, what is your experience in common/average fps in cherno/wilderness on your, other players machines?
  11. Hello, i have setup a local server with xampp. My CPU is I7 Quad, GPU is GTX 750TI and 8GB RAM. Resolution is 1920x1080 and all settings are max, disabled shadow, antialias, postprocess and vsync. I stripped the epoch object table, so there are no cars nor buildables. I use WickedAI and DZAI, slow zeds and some other scripts and 5 small custom map addons, but my fps are 25 near the shore and 35 in the wilderness. Is this normal or can i do something to increase the fps with this resolution?
  12. Hi rentiger, sorry for latte reply, didnt saw your answer. What is the difference between a custom debug-monitor and a custom hud? I thought it would be as easy as showing ie humanity or bandit kills. After searching around i havent found anything related to ambient nor budy temperature. Looking forward to some help.
  13. I think this is one of the more usefull scripts. Thanks for teaching/sharing.
  14. Hi, i'd like to show the body and ambient temperature in my custom debug monitor, but i can only find "dayz_temeperature" as variable, which seems to be the bodytemperature, because when using a heatpack it raises. My question is how to show both, body and ambient temperatue. Zulu
  15. Hi, i saw something that didnt work for me out of the box, its called "hero warning", u can seeit in compile/functions, does anyone have this up and running or can tel me how to use this function?
  16. Hello, everything runs fine, but after death i am not able to deploy items at my plotpole. "You cant build on someone elses pole". I saw this post about changing player_build from .... _limit = 3; to _limit = 1; .... but that didnt work for me. Besides other scripts i have P4L and Snap installed. Please help me, dont know where and what to look for to get it solved.
  17. Hello, i have installed ZSC and everything seems to be working except that traders still show prices in gold/silver. Can anybody pls help me? I have got no rpt-errors and double-checked all the install instructions from the github page. FIXED: I didnt place #include "ZSC\config\cfgServerTrader.hpp" at the very top.
  18. Hi, i would like to add 10-20 small camps to my map, which should all look the same. After searching around i saw a "how to" about "dynamic object compositions". https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Dynamic_Object_Compositions I managed to get the RPT output, but i dont understand how get the composition to the map. Even i dont understand what is ment in step 3) "Place a game logic on the map". Can anybody please help me getting this done. Edit: This is my test-composition: private ["_objs"]; _objs = [ ["Land_A_tent",[-2.33594,1.51538,0.0048542],48.5307,1,0], ["Land_Fire",[-3.51001,-2.67993,-0.000789642],17.7859,1,0], ["Land_A_tent",[-6.37085,1.0791,0.00257874],298.934,1,0], ["Land_A_tent",[-7.28345,-1.84814,0.00243378],276.064,1,0], ["Land_CamoNet_EAST",[-8.08618,-0.0556641,0.00974464],280.621,1,0] ]; _objsAnd i also tried it with this example: ["MASH",[0,0,0],0,1,0], ["Land_GuardShed",[35.9503,29.7019,0],0,1,0,{}], ["ACamp",[-41.3973,-33.6524,0],0,1,0,{}]
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