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  1. The database doesn't support this. You can have an item in an item, but not item in an item in an item. It never worked any other way.
  2. There is a mess in models, currently in the loottables we have for the SAW: 100Rnd_556x45_BetaCMag, 100Rnd_556x45, and 200Rnd_556x45_M249.
  3. Currently there are 10 water bottle models, empty, full, and with 9oz, 8oz, 7oz, etc water. Crafting removes 1oz of water from a bottle as it should, but: 1) You can only drink from a full bottle and you empty it out completely. (I assume the intention is to remove 1oz water instead) 2) You can only fill a completely empty water bottle (I assume the intention is to be able to fill a partially full bottle.) Is this intentional or a bug?
  4. Not dayz_mission.. go to dayz_server/system, open server_monitor.sqf and comment out the line that calls instaaction.sqf
  5. Well it almost works. I can craft it, then I place it, it starts building it but once it finishes the build animation, it disappears. Edit2: I need to add it to dayz_allowedObjects, then it works. Just by dayz_allowedObjects = dayz_allowedObjects + ["WoodChair_DZ"];
  6. I would give the said .pbo to all my players, I already do that for a number of vehicles/etc. Suppose I make a pbo and into it's config.cpp I add class CfgVehicles {...} and class CfgMagazines {...}. Wouldn't that work? Edit: Say if I make a something.pbo that contains just one file, a config.cpp with: (modified bench code) class CfgPatches { class furniture { units[] = {"WoodChair_DZ"}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 1; requiredAddons[] = {}; version = 1; }; }; class CfgVehicles { class WoodChair; class WoodChair_DZ: WoodChair { scope = 2; offset[] = {0,1.5,0.5}; displayName = "Wood Chair"; vehicleClass = "Fortifications"; removeoutput[] = {{"wood_chair_kit",1}}; }; }; class CfgMagazines { class park_bench_kit: CA_Magazine { scope = 2; count = 1; type = 256; displayName = "Wood Chair"; descriptionShort = "Wood Chair"; model = "\z\addons\dayz_epoch\models\supply_crate.p3d"; picture = "\z\addons\dayz_epoch\pictures\equip_wooden_crate_ca.paa"; weight = 10; class ItemActions { class Build { text = $STR_ACTIONS_BUILD; script = "spawn player_build;"; require[] = {"ItemEtool","ItemToolbox"}; create = "WoodChair_DZ"; }; }; }; };
  7. I cannot add it with a pbo? Pbos can edit cfgvehicles...
  8. Actually, it says no CfgVehicles which is where the model description resides for Park_bench class Park_bench1; class ParkBench_DZ: Park_bench1 { scope = 2; offset[] = {0,1.5,0.5}; displayName = "Wood Bench"; vehicleClass = "Fortifications"; removeoutput[] = {{"park_bench_kit",1}}; };
  9. I have a small private server, I'm not sure to what extent you would want to pollute the main codebase with useless furniture. (Although, it can exist without a way to craft it, like park_bench_kit) So I can just add it to Description.ext? I could try that...
  10. How difficult would it be to add more craftable items? (Basically editing CfgMagazines.hpp) It would be nice to be able to add more stuff, either craftable or just build-able, like basic furniture and eye candy that has Arma models. For instance, the park bench looks like this: class park_bench_kit: CA_Magazine { scope = 2; count = 1; type = 256; displayName = "Wood Bench"; descriptionShort = "Wood Bench"; model = "\z\addons\dayz_epoch\models\supply_crate.p3d"; picture = "\z\addons\dayz_epoch\pictures\equip_wooden_crate_ca.paa"; weight = 25; class ItemActions { class Build { text = $STR_ACTIONS_BUILD; script = "spawn player_build;"; require[] = {"ItemEtool","ItemToolbox"}; create = "ParkBench_DZ"; }; }; }; Can I just add a custom CfgMagazines.hpp and add some arma .p3ds to mission file to make additional buildables?
  11. tigger

    Working floatplane?

    We have no issues with lag when they are spawned in, they just don't work. I saw that before and I found it a litle strange since I don't know of any server where the floatplane works. (Although it might be mostly about the h13, which possibly does..)
  12. tigger

    Working floatplane?

    No luck so far. Even when I replace the client pbos with "fixed" versions, it still nose-dives immediately. Does it matter that the server pbo is not replaced?
  13. tigger

    Working floatplane?

    No insight? I tried to make a "patch" pbo that would run the script that makes the fake floor anyway, but it doesn't seem to work..
  14. Anyone has a solution for this?
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