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  1. Much appreciation to you Dave for your help. I'm going to leave it as cfgtrader as I'm using winSCP to edit my server files and its going be much quicker to change the traders info and adding the new ones. Just needed that little push in the right direction. Thanks again bud
  2. Ive found the list of items - MPMissions/DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus/CONFIGS/TRADERS/Category, so my question still stands if its possible to change from that list over to the SQL data base?
  3. Thanks Dave, I had a look and there is nothing in my init.sqf folder that starts with DZE_ but there was in my EpochConfig.sqf (/MPMissions/DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus/OPTIONS/EpochConfig.sqf) it is set to true; //Mission Based Traders DZE_ConfigTrader = true; So where would I find the folder to change the items, or what happens if I change it to false? Thanks again
  4. Trader Prices differ between SQL files and Server FilesToday, 10:46 AM Hi Guys Heed some help, im trying to change the trader prices on my server and i've hit a problem. Here is a small example on whats going on; Aircraft trader NE airfield...Trader is Worker2 his Helicopter item TID is 519. "Merlin" price on the trader is 6 briefs and sell for 3 briefs but in phpmyadmin its 2 briefs buy and 1 brief sell??? No matter what I do it never changes any prices on the server and the two just don't merry up together? This also causes me a problem trying to add more traders and even new items. I have added PRACS and want to make a trader for it, so I created a TID, a Server trader and put the first jet in the Trader items. The trader on the server is showing the trader and his menu but no item? Does anyone know what's going wrong here. Regards ROG Server is overpoch Chernarus 11
  5. Ok thanks for the reply Richie, it was a long shot, download it is then. ROG
  6. Evening All Got a question, I have downloaded a unit mod from armaholic and Im aware you install it to server addons and to see the skins in game you put the mod folder in your arma 2 oa folder and select in expansions. Is there a way of putting it into the server data so anyone who hasn't got the mod can see it too? I.e putting the skins with the standard epoch skins and using it for trader skins or missions? Thanks in advance ROG
  7. Hi Guys, I might be being a bit thick here but I just can't get this to work. Im using a gtxgaming server and ive put the balota.sqf file in the main epoch server pbo and added the txt to server functions but it wont show on server. Can i get a bit of help if poss? Many thanks
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