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  1. 30.04.17 Fixed: Maintainbug - now counts all objects in the plot pole Fixed: Message saferaid duplicated - it was duplicating before but are now fixed Fixed: Nitro - Nitro now works again, check the vehicle trader under "Tuned vehicles" Fixed: Deploy/Pack during combat - You can now craft/pack a bike,jetski,gyro even if you are under combat. Added: craftmore full to the destructible list... (Baseaddons and craftmore light still indestructible) Added: Anti Combatlog - Spawns create with loot of combatlogger Added: Vehicles to snigel trader :List Below: Helicopters: - Ka60_GL_PMC - Mi171Sh_CZ_EP1_DZ Vehicles: HMMWV_Armored_DZ (M240) HMMWV_M2_DZ BAF_Jackal2_L2A1_w Armored vehicle: BRDM2_HQ_TK_GUE_EP1_DZ
  2. 15.04.17 Added: Loyalty Rewards 20mins -> 1000 Coins Added: Crack safes -> ItemCarBomb found at AI Radiationzone Added: AI at Radiationzone Added: Teabag Player Added: Craftmore Light - Big Rocks"] Added: Missing Weapons/Items to trader Fixed: Kostey -> Static M2 Gun Changed: Plot only removeable by owner/friends Removed: Spawn Suhrenfeld Tweaked: Loadout contains F.light and Compass now
  3. 20.07.16 removed: BTR90 - hitpoints are not where they should be, indestrucitble for the player who dont know removed: MH60s - cause its basicly indestructible removed: salvage changes, you can salvage parts from a bike again removed: higher prices for vehicle parts removed: logout problem (you stil cant logout in the King of the Hill Missions anymore)
  4. ----22.06.16 changed: firestation loot changed: raised chance for chainsaw, shovel and dogtags a bit - still farmloot only fixed: some bugs...
  5. ----16.06.16 changed: class loadouts - no pdwsd anymore and only 1 mag for pistols changed: m240 HMMWV now in normal vehicle trader added: m240 and pkm ammo to blackermarket
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