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  1. I want the option so that all ammo is fully reset when the sever is restarted? How do i go about doing this?
  2. Doesnt seem to be as simple as i was hopeing. It's just a few of use so the first option sounds easier then the last. Thank you Alot and im sure there where other people wondering if/where/how it could be done as well. Thanks again , We where looking to change it in the database but couldnt find where the storage was stated.
  3. How would some one go about changing this to use the Light Pole and Generator Idea? "light thing you can build... so it requires some of the lights and a generator running to keep the base clean." I would try to mod the code my self but i dont want to cause an zombie apoclypsy melt down.
  4. Hope this is the right spot for this Question. I was hoping to expand the storage capacity of a wooden shed and possible anything else with storage space. How can i do this?
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