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  1. Reaper_

    Server Start issue

    OK so setting up a test server to test scripts and mods on. Set everything up and when I launch the server it hangs on "12:10:15 BattlEye Server: Unknown command". Looked around the forums and tried google but not finding anything that helps. Anyone have a fix for this?
  2. Reaper_

    a3_vemf_reloaded by IT07

    So the problem's were within the description.ext file. Wasn't 100% sure until I was able to check mine.
  3. Reaper_

    a3_vemf_reloaded by IT07

    @Warfighter709 Not home yet but for a fast look over the only issue I see so far is, you have; // If you have `class RscTitles` already, add this line to it: #include "VEMFclient\hpp_mainVemfClient.hpp" // If you do not have `class RscTitles` already, add this: class RscTitles { #include "VEMFclient\hpp_mainVemfClient.hpp" };try changing it to; // If you have `class RscTitles` already, add this line to it: // #include "VEMFclient\hpp_mainVemfClient.hpp" // If you do not have `class RscTitles` already, add this: class RscTitles { #include "VEMFclient\hpp_mainVemfClient.hpp" };If you still have issues I can test it on my server tonight and see if I can get the same errors.
  4. Reaper_

    a3_vemf_reloaded by IT07

    If you want the launchers to stay it should be set to 1 if you want them to be deleted after AI die it should be set to -1. If they stay something could be wrong look for any errors in the .rpt file for VEMF.
  5. Reaper_

    Missing/Moved settings since update to

    @umfufu Thanks; Added this to description.ext and it works just fine. I knew I was over looking something.
  6. Reaper_

    Missing/Moved settings since update to

    @Richie Ok here is what I put in the CfgEpochClient.hpp class CfgEpochClient { epochVersion = ""; buildingNearbyMilitary = 0; //1 to allow building nearby buildingNearbyMilitaryRange = 300; //Define radius of blocked area buildingRequireJammer = 0; // 1 = to allow building without a jammer buildingCountLimit = 800; // how many objects can be built within range of a jammer buildingJammerRange = 300; // jammer range in meters };and call it from the description.ext. with #include "scripts\CfgEpochClient.hpp" When I do this we can no longer chop down trees for wood and even the chain saw stops working. Any ideal what I am doing wrong here?
  7. Reaper_

    Missing/Moved settings since update to

    Tried this way and just found out it will not let you search trash pile's. Testing Richie's way now but removing every thing but the Jammer settings from the CfgEpochClient.hpp.
  8. Reaper_

    a3_vemf_reloaded by IT07

    @IT07 Has anyone tried working on a mission that would have a number of AI groups try to attack players bases? Have customization setting for # of groups and group size, how often it spawn's and what type of weapons they carry and even if they use charges to get into the base. Have it spawn X distance from frequency jammer's and maybe even target them for attack. I'm a noob to Arma3 and Epoch coding and have no clue where to start with an addon mission like this for VEMF, so maybe someone with more experience my like the ideal and run with it.
  9. Thanks, Have not changed anything to do with weather. Can land and not die if you just open chute and not move, but as soon as you move any at all you die on landing no matter what the speed. Anyone else overcome this issue?
  10. We have the same issue of when anyone halo's they die, what weather settings are you talking about, in which config file?