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  1. yeah, I realized that after a while but I couldn't find out how to delete the post, lol.
  2. I recently downloaded the Exile mod through A3Launcher, and it worked fine after I moved a few files around. Anyway, I tried to play on a different server through Arma 3, but it said I didn't have the right expansions for it, I play on this server a lot, and it has never said this before I downloaded Exile with the A3launcher. I can't get on it through A3Launcher or Arma 3, I don't know what to do to fix this, should I just uninstall the A3Launcher? I don't need to the A3Launcher to play on this server. It also still shows the Exile sign on the main menu in the A3Launcher when I Launch Arma 3, even though I deleted it off my mods list, it also says I need to remove 3 files because I don't have enough acceptance keys. Please help!
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