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  1. So, me and my friends just started playing the mod today. We go looting for a couple of hours and sell all our stuff at the gun store while trying to save up for a chopper. We finally get enough for the chinook and spawn it in. We assume it will spawn where our tempest did but we were wrong. It spawns right where hawkeye and his admin friends decide to park there hunter. It blows up our chopper and there hunter. the admin come us and tells us to pay to replace it and its our fault that we spawned our helicopter in. He continues to mock us right after by saying " is this the first time you have played Arma" and continued treating us like we were stupid. So i tell him to stop acting like a tool and belittling us. He replies by banning me, i go on the ts trying to reason with him and he ban's me off that to like a 2 year old. So because of these actions by a senior admin on the server i feel it should be blacklisted from epoch. we have video proof of this encounter. thanks for reading
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