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  1. Thanks for the advice Sp4rkY. I have fun with any server on Epoch, providing there aren't game-breaking donation benefits. I ran a few Arma 2 Epoch servers with wildly different addons and it was a blast as long as the playerbase was happy.
  2. Hey everyone, I'm planning on starting a new Epoch server on a dedicated SSD and wanted to put out some feelers for what kind of content players want to see on a server. To gather this information, I have put together a few strawpolls with some options that I and my server staff could think of. If there is an addon or map you have an interest in, but do not see in the polls, please feel free to post it in the thread (with a short description if you'd like for clarification). Server Addons (Please choose your 3 favorite options) Server Uptime (How often should restarts happen?) Server Map (If there is a map not listed you prefer, please post it below) Thank you for any feedback you can provide, as all of it will help us create a better server experience for you, the player.
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