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  1. Thanks, now im getting something like this and cannot fully load into the server
  2. Hey can anyone help me, im trying to move to the new update and im getting this error, anyone know what could be the cause? Moving from the previous version
  3. BennyD101

    Looking for a Dev

    Hey guys looking for someone to do some dev work when I need it to be done, not a full time dev just a side dev, someone I can message when needed, please private message me if interested. PS: Someone fully interested and experienced with Arma 2 scripting Cheers.
  4. BennyD101

    Group Spawn Cooldown Timer

    Yeah so say you die, I want it so you can’t constantly re spawn on your group there would be a 5 min cool down and then you can re spawn.
  5. BennyD101

    Group Spawn Cooldown Timer

    Hi just wondering if anyone has developed or can develop a group spawn cooldown timer, so once killed you cannot spawn back on your group for 5 mins?
  6. BennyD101

    WAI Missions

    Already have his latest one installed
  7. BennyD101

    WAI Missions

    will this fix it ? DZE_safeVehicle = ["ParachuteWest","ParachuteC","Ka52","BTR90","Mi171Sh_rockets_CZ_EP1","BMP2_HQ_TK_EP1"];
  8. BennyD101

    WAI Missions

    I have recently changed some missions around and some are not spawning with keys or they spawned unlocked, or better yet when a player gets in them they explode, any help?
  9. BennyD101

    Certain Vehicle Cleanup

    What about an event to cleanup unused vehicles every so often?
  10. BennyD101

    Certain Vehicle Cleanup

  11. BennyD101

    Certain Vehicle Cleanup

    Hi Everyone, So im looking for a cleanup script to cleanup any vehicle outside a plot pole, i want one so it runs every 2-3days and any vehicle not within a plot pole will be deleted? Also do these actually do? dayz_antihack = 0; // DayZ Antihack / 1 = enabled // 0 = disabled dayz_REsec = 0; // DayZ RE Security / 1 = enabled // 0 = disabled
  12. BennyD101


    Hi i want to add jets, but i want to disable certain weapons on them when they buy them so they are not so op, anyone know how to do that?
  13. BennyD101

    Vehicle Cleanup Scripts

    Hi so i'm running these in my sql and it comes up green saying it was successful, how do i view or edit them as it does not show as an event, trigger or routine ?, https://epochmod.com/forum/topic/43764-epoch-1061-clean-up-scripts/ i dont want to run them all i want to set only my selected amount for example: -- ---------------------------- -- Set safe combinations to 0000 after 10 days of inactivity. -- ---------------------------- UPDATE `object_data` SET `CharacterID` = 0 WHERE `LastUpdated` < DATE_SUB(CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, INTERVAL 10 DAY) AND `CharacterID` > 0 AND `Classname` = "VaultStorageLocked" AND `Inventory` <> '[]' AND `Inventory` IS NOT NULL; this runs but doesn't create any event
  14. BennyD101

    higher loot on wai

    hey mate whats the red and green mean?