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  1. Feature's -towing/lifting - AI missions -Admin Events -Convoys (you can amush and raid) -Clans -Rp -Admin Armies -War Zones -Towns -Military bases -Day and night -Active admins -Milatarized A few of these things might be new to you and that's okay. Admin Events Admin events happen when a few of the admins come together and try and hold a position for a certain amount of time. Anyone one can come and try to kill the admins and then get the amazing loot if the succed.The events normally happen a few times a week. Convoy's The convoys are kind of like an admin event except they happen when one of the admin armies are going somewhere to fufil their mission (more will be explained later on that subject).It is basically a bunch of vehicles in a line with a preset coarse that people can try to ambush and try to steal the equipment, vehicles ,and people (prisoners). Clans Our server openly welcomes clans. Current Clan's ---------------------------------------------------------------- [The Brother Hood Of Steel] Status- High Amount's Of Member's. Currently Recruiting [U.S Marines] Status Low Amount's Of Members. Currently Recuriting War Zones War zones are areas of the map that are currently having a lot of conflict between the Clan's Say if some of the Brother Hood Of Steel had a temp base setup in a town to give out supplies the Marines Might Try To Raid It For Supplies. The Brother Hood Of Steel would then have to send back up and same for the Marines... The Battles could last 5 mins to a few hours. You could sit back try not to get caught in the crossfire and watch or you could pick up a gun and join the fight and get some browning points with an army or get some supplies. Extras Anyone who joins on friday while an admin is on will recieve a gun of his/her choice and a vehicle (the vehicle depends on your choice of gun).Just say when you join that you came because of the steam post.If you are in a clan or just have a lot of friends and they join with you we will give you all a major reward (depends on the amount of people) The Game Server IP is And The Teanspeak IP: and the name of the server is Dayz Outbreak's Roleplay Server|No Whitelisting|Active Staff|
  2. DayZLauncher - Mods Required for the servers are DayZ Epoch, Overwatch 0.2.5 Panthera Overpoch Panthera @ Teamspeak info: Server Features: • 24/7 Day • Tow/Lift • Custom Loadout • Custom Missions. • Overpoch LOOT!!! • Clan's • Self Blood Bag • Deploy/Repack Bike, • Auto Refuel/Rearm/Repair @ trader heli pads & gas stations • Snap Build Pro • 1 Step Build • No Weight • Active Staff • Car Radio • Rentable Houses With 24/7 Security Team!!! • Admin Supply Drop's • BTK Cargo • Admin Event's Server Location - Dallas Texas U.S.A And More!!! -Sincerly [TFG-Founder] Trevor[Owner] :)
  3. Hey All :) I Recently Started Up A Dayz Epoch Roleplay Server Map - Namlask Mods - Epoch Server Location - Dallas Texas U.S.A The Script's We Currently Have Are|SelfBloodBag|Towing/Lift|Suicide|HighFPS| We Have Active Staff Member's Our Server Ip; Teamspeak Ip: Here's Our Website That's Under Development:http://tacticalfungaming.webs.com The Server Currently Only Has 20 Slot's Because im going to wait till we hit 15 player's to buy more If You Have Any Question's Come Onto Our Teamspeak If You Are Interested Join Our Steam Group For Updates http://steamcommunity.com/groups/tacticalfungamingdayz